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Thank you for taking your time to read a little about us! We are Nathan and Christina and our little girl Taylia. 
Like everyone’s else’s journey we started ours with normal expectations and dreams. We were happy married in January, 2012. Our marriage was built on our faith, love and our relationship. We always talked about how having a family was so important to both of us. 
A few months after our marriage I began having some health issues. The next few years were filled with a disappointing diagnosis, surgeries and what looked like our dream of having a family disappear. 
You see, I think God has a sense of humor. And we can make our own plans of good. But He always in loving wisdom has better. 
And that’s how we started pursuing Adoption. It’s like suddenly we were starting to see what the plan was all along. That this was the better. 
God led us to our beautiful daughter. Words can’t describe the joy she’s brought to our home. So much love. So many smiles. God gave us a gift better then we could of dreamed with her. 
A few weeks after she was born I had a hysterectomy which ended the possibility of us having a biological kid. 
But in our hearts, our family is not complete. We would love for our little Taylia to grow up with a sibling. 

If you feel led to join us in our journey with the expenses we would greatly appreciate it! God bless you!

katy whitaker

I wish I could do more, Good luck to you.

Hannah Cahill

Do not lose faith for He is always with you. God bless you and your family.