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Hello friends and family!

For some time now we have been talking about adopting. Before we even met we had both individuall...y decided that when we got married we would adopt. As soon as we got married we started looking into adoption only to find out that most agencies required at least 3 years of marriage!!! Well, we finally hit that mark and have started the application process.

God has placed it in our hearts to adopt a little boy or girl from Africa. We know this can be a lengthy process and would ask that you pray for us as we embark on this new journey.

We will be going through Nightlight Christian Adoptions. Nightlight has a very strong partnership with a local Ugandan couple who have an orphanage there. Even though we are just starting the process, we have already been informed about a 4-year old little boy who is up for immediate adoption. As we find out more information we will keep you posted.

We are looking at around $31,000 to adopt. We will be paying out-of-pocket, having fundraisers, running marathons, and doing ANYTHING we can to bring our little boy home.

We are so grateful for such wonderful, loving friends and family. We ask that you support by praying, giving, and attending our fundraising parties/events!

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!!

Chris and Zaira Latham


We are friends of J and S and feel very blessed to be able to help support bringing your son home to you. We have loved receiving news of his progress. He is a remarkable little boy. We have prayed for a loving family to welcome him, and are so grateful that you are the answer to these prayers. Blessings!

Gary & Saundra Johnson

We are close friends of Jared & Stefani Scheppmann and are hopeful that your adoption of Saul is an amazing experience-thank you!

Adelle and Ray Eicher

We are so pleased that you are adopting our Saul! He holds a special place in our hearts. (We are the grandparents of Jared and Stefani Scheppmann) Love and prayers

Donna Andreano

Praying God sends Saul to you quickly!