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Welcome and thank you for clicking on our adoption page! We are Keith and Amy.  People ask us why we chose adoption and the best answer we have is that God lead us here. We have two wonderful biological children. After the c-section of our second child Amy experienced flash pulmonary edema (too much fluid in her system overloaded her heart and lungs). It essentially caused her to have a heart attack. By the grace of God, she fully recovered with no lasting heart damage. Because of this we were told by doctors to not risk another pregnancy. Our children are now 9 & 10 years old and we have been thinking a lot about growing our family. We both came to the decision independently that we would like to look into adoption. When Amy brought it up, Keith was instantly on board. Amy worked for the Department of Children and Families for two years just out of college and ever since then wanted to eventually foster or adopt. The most helpful thing you can do to support us is to SHARE our journey! In adoption, you never know where your match will come from, and we believe God has put us into contact with the perfect people to help us on this journey so far, and we know he will continue to help our story be told to those who need to hear it.

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Zuzana Tran

Deborah Ashbrook

Amanda Nation

You’re amazing!!

Renee Thompson

Thank you and best wishes to you guys!

N. W.

God will bless your family tremendously. He asks that we care for the elderly and the orphans. Amazing what you are all doing.

Monica Scott

Thanks again for everything!!

Tammy Leinonen

Praying for God’s Blessing upon your sweet family, and your little bundle of joy that is soon to come! Best Wishes! Tammy Leinonen

Amanda Nation

I am praying for you all and the baby to be yours!!

sofia di trapani

He gives the childless woman a family, making her a happy mother. Praise the LORD! May the Lord bless you and may he bring the child he already prepared for your family. I pray for grace, favor and peace in your journey. May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart and may he accelerate the process and make provision superabound. God bless you! 458643004078

Jordan Worley

Bethany Brohinsky

God bless!

Laura Pinnock

Petra Scott

Thank you for all that you do!

Jeannette Quinones

I have three biological kids and three adopted (one who you photographed for KEYs) from foster care. It’s hard but I know God has an amazing purpose for them!

Quisha King

Thank you so much for the pictures!!! We love them!

Erin K

You don’t know me, but I hope you get your dream family.


Sarah Thompson

Wishing you all the best on this exciting new adventure!

Denise Kaywood

Praying for you guys! Love to you all!

Kim Davis

Thank you so much for taking the class photos at Keys. It was the last picture taken of our son professionally before he died after being hit by a car while riding his bicycle. We adopted Kelson through foster care so know what it’s like to desire a child & adopt. Praying blessing on your adoption.

Amanda Blyth

Wishing the best for your journey!

Erin Burke

Melody Bolduc

Praying for just the right fit for your family!

Rachel Allchin

Rebecca Nathanson

Denise Kaywood

Praying for your sweet little one that the Lord has in store for you. Love you guys!

Alexandria Briganty

Thank you for everything! May a beautiful journey lay ahead for you guys. ❤️

Kelly Griffin

Meredith birthday pictures - thanks!

Rebekah Zelenka

We are praying with each of you!!!!!!

Justine Meixsell

May your beautiful family grow and have all the beautiful blessings you could ever want.

Kelly Griffin

Katie Ryan

Happiest Birthday Wishes Friend! When the newest edition arrives they will be beyond blessed and loved ❤️

Samantha Tucker

Martha Mazza

Mary Eubanks

Always room for more love…

Adrianne Amundson

Praying over the sweet baby that joins your beautiful, loving, and sweet family!

Deborah Ashbrook

Kelly Griffin

Chelsea Samera

Thank you for helping make our American Heritage Girls troop amazing this year. May God bless you and your family in your new life in Virginia.

Riann Boyd

We LOVE your sweet family so much and are holding you up in prayer on this most sacred journey. 💕