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Hi! We're Aaron (32), Jessica (31) and Emma (5)!

We are so excited to take you on our journey through adoption. We'e been battling infertility for the past eight years and have constantly asked "Why us?" That's when it hit us, why not adopt? We've always planned too, our plan has just been moved up by a few years. Through prayers and acts of moments, God has shown us that this is avenue that we should take.

We've always known that we have wanted a big family. We are high school sweethearts that dated all throughout college, got married, eventually having our biological daughter Emma (2014). We are now waiting for our match with a birthmother through Nightlight Christian Services. 

Emma cannot wait to have a sibliing- if you talk to her, she wants a brother and a sister (at the same time). She asks every day if they are here yet. The room is ready and everybody in our family is ready for our missing piece to come!

We cannot wait to share our love of Disney, porch hangs and long walks to visit family with our special little one! 

Thank you for your love and support!

Aaron and Jessica

Laurie McGurn

I love you all so much, and know you will be absolutely amazing parents.


We love you guys.

Kelly Albaugh

I am so excited for all of you - you deserve the very best!!

Lauren Franza

Klayton Shaw

Cynthia Boydston

Tammy Von Moll

Love you

Mitch Salopek

Lauren Franza

Ashley Nettles

Sending you Pampered Chef love! I hope this helps! <3