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Hello friends and family! We are Ryan and Tina, as you probably already know, and we are adopting! Baby Sarah is in our care and we are so excited to invite you on this journey with us! God has been so faithful to us on this journey and we wanted to invite you to be a part of her adoption story!

Ryan and I have always talked about adopting one day, but over the last several years, God has made it clear to us that this is the right time for several of reasons. We deeply desire a big beautiful family! Because I just finished up training to be an Air Force pilot, the next several years are not going to be good for me to get pregnant, but we don't want that to stop us from growing our family. We have the capacity for more children, and now is a perfect time!

We also both strongly believe that human life begins at conception and that those little lives are precious in His sight. With all the news on this hot (and often polarizing) topic, we feel very strongly led to act on those convictions. Not only to protect prenatal life, but to support our adoption agency who faithfully counsels and aids women who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy without pressuring them into adoption if that's not what they want. This is the church's job, and we are so thankful to be adopting through a Christian agency who brings Christ to the center.

We are persuing an open adoption, which means we desire to have a relationship with the birthmother/family, as much as they are willing. We want to affirm that in her decision to place her child for adoption, she is valuing life just as much as we are. We believe that open adoption brings validation and dignity to all parties involved and we are looking forward to doing the hard work of building these relationships. This is another area where God has been so so faithful and we are so thankful for Sarah's birth mother and her care for Sarah and the sweet relationship we are already developing over the love of this sweet baby.

The Lord has proven His faithfulness and provision to us over and over again and we trust that He will do the same with the financial aspect. Our God is a God of leftovers...He never goes small, and He is continually reminding us of this. We are able to raise up to 1/3 of our adoption costs on Adoption Bridge, so please consider helping us reach that goal. Thank you for partnering with us!


~Ryan and Tina

Phil Fights

We love you three so very much! We are excited to see how God is going to make you a family of four!