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In the heart of the Harman family, there lies a story of love, cultural embrace, and a courageous little girl named Elizabeth. After their first adoption from Bulgaria in 2021, Joe, Katie, and Elizabeth felt a profound longing to expand their family. It wasn't just about growing in number but about deepening their roots in a heritage that had already enriched their lives.

Elizabeth, wise beyond her years, yearned for siblings. The decision to adopt again from Bulgaria was not only influenced by their previous positive experience but also by their desire to offer Elizabeth and her potential siblings a shared cultural lineage. Bulgaria, with its unique charm and friendly faces, had left an indelible mark on the Harman family.

A moment that remains etched in their memories is the first hug from Elizabeth. It was more than an embrace; it symbolized her bravery in leaving Bulgaria behind to join their family. Her trust was guided by her faith in Jesus, providing her with courage and solace.

In the Harman household, every day is an adventure, filled with new discoveries and joyous challenges. The arrival of Elizabeth transformed Katie and Joe's lives into a vibrant tapestry of activities and heartwarming moments. Joe cherishes every moment with Elizabeth, consciously savoring the joys of fatherhood, while Katie has become a math whiz, supporting Elizabeth's academic journey. Elizabeth has blossomed, forging strong bonds of friendship and deepening her connection with her family.

As they prepare to welcome one or two more daughters into their family, these experiences form the foundation of their journey. Elizabeth’s influence has been significant, setting her as a role model for her future siblings. The Harman family envisions a future where each child, regardless of their origin, is given the chance to flourish and achieve their fullest potential.

Your support in their journey to adopt again from Bulgaria will not only help in bringing more joy into the Harman family but also in creating a brighter future for the children they hope to adopt. Donating through this website is an act of kindness that extends beyond borders, and it’s also tax-deductible. Join hands with the Harman family as they embark on this beautiful journey of expanding their family and hearts.

Our previous adoption totaled around $60,000.  Our friends and family (you guys) helped lessen this burden on us and we are forever grateful!

A little summary about our expenses your donation will help with our adoption:

To Date:

  • 9 Months of administrative work to submit our family dossier to the Ministry of Justice in Bulgaria.
  • US Government requirements & incurred fees of ~$2,300.
  • US Adoption Agency fees at ~$15,000.


Fees when we accept a referral:

  • Referral fee of $9,000.
  • Each additional child adds $8,000
  • Adoption related medical  ~$400

Travel & Lodging Expenses:

  • Our family will travel on 14 legs of flights, for 2 trips to Bulgaria from the USA. The average roundtrip airfare for 1 person is about $2000.
  • We will stay in a hotels for about 14 to 18 days, estimated at $200 a night.

With Love & Kind Regards,

Joe, Katie & Elizabeth


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Debbie Fails

We can’t wait! We love you all and your remarkable hearts!


Love you guys and cannot wait for the next step in your adoption journey.

Pat Keebey

Gigi and Pa are excited and waiting to add 2 more great granddaughters to the family!!

Jess and Mike Fails

We cannot wait to meet the girls! 💜💜

Cindy Deskin

So excited for the expansion of your family.

Lisa Boon

So excited for your growing family. <3

Jordan Wersinger

Praying the Lord’s blessings over this next step in expanding your beautiful family!!

Natalie G

I don’t know your family but I found your Facebook page and have been touched by your desire to provide a forever home for older children. I’m praying for peace for your girls and you in this upcoming transition.