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Griner Family

Shawn and Rachel Griner are a Christian couple working in healthcare with developmental needs and living in Oklahoma. Rachel grew up overseas. She had several adopted siblings and spent time volunteering in orphanages from a very early age. Those experiences grew her passion for children without a home. After receiving her Music Therapy degree, she began working with children with psychiatric and developmental needs. It was at this point in her journey that Rachel met her husband Shawn. He was raised in the American foster system himself and had both good and bad foster homes. He got to develop ideas about exactly what kind of home and family he wanted to have for his own family and kids one day. 

For fun, Shawn loves to fish, swim, hike, and spend time with family. Rachel loves to cook and bake for those around her, read Christian fiction, play board games, and make music. They are excited to learn all about their new family members' personalities and interests. 

Thank you for joining in our journey to bring the next Griner(s) home!


ryan shaffett

You will be amazing parents.

Brenda Burgos

I would love to be the first to welcome my future grandchild/grandchildren into the loving arms of their parents and this grandma!!!!!!! You are precious! You are unique! God planned you and your family from the beginning of time. And I have been praying for you for at least forty years. You are planned and loved and welcomed!!!!! Love, Grandma

Catherine Elizabeth Burgos

You guys are super compassionate and hard-working people who are devoted to God and are going to make amazing parents someone out there is about to land the life jackpot

Casey Jones

Aaron Overton

Brenda Burgos

We love you and our grandchild (ren) who is/are out there soon to come home!!!

Bryon Black

Lori Shannon

So excited for you !! May you be blessed beyond measure!!❤️❤️❤️

Daniel Dodd

Anony Mous

Matthew Burgos

I can't wait to meet my niece/nieces/nephew/ or nephews! Love you, Matthew

Nancy Mikesell

Wish I could do more this month but......next month.


Eva Holsinger

Keep us posted! Love from China