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Our family is so excited to finally share with everyone that over the last year or so we have been going through the adoption process! We have completed our home study and are on the final stretch to officially be waiting for the sweet child God has chosen for our family!

As many of you know, we lost our daughter Hadlee at 29 weeks due to complications that make it potentially dangerous for Ashlee to go through subsequent pregnancies. As difficult as this experience has been for our family, Hadlee has made us better spouses, better parents, and brought our family closer. She has reminded us what is most important in our lives, and that is our faith and our family. We have the strong desire to continue growing our family, and we feel that through much prayer and discussion that God has put adoption on our hearts. We have seen God work every situation for good and we trust his timing and process in this matter, just like we trust him in all other areas of our life!

We are working with Nightlight Christian Adoptions through their domestic infant adoption program. We have received so much love and support already from this agency, family, and friends! We ask for continued prayers and support as we start the difficult phase of this journey, which is simply to wait with an open heart for God's perfect timing. 

In addition to prayer we value any monetary support that you feel led to give! We have been saving and fundraising through other means, but adoption is expensive and every donation is a blessing to our family. If there is any other way you would like to give, through talents or oppritunities, please feel free to contact us! 

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