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We are very excited to be adopting from Hong Kong! Currently, Asha and I have two wonderful boys, ages 1 and 3. We would love to grow our family and feel called to adopt. We have been unofficially matched with a little boy in Hong Kong and cannot wait to bring him home for him to meet his new family. We also are eager to learn more about Hong Kong culture and have started that process already.

We became interested in adoption early on in our relationship, before we were even married. We got married when I was in medical school and then had two sons. We love parenting our boys and the joy they bring into our lives. We decided we would like to expand our family and thought now was a great time to pursue adoption. 

The link between adoption and our Christian beliefs was clear to us from the beginning of our relationship: God loved us when we were separated from Him by our sin, but He made a way to redeem us and make us His children at great cost to Himself. That cost was sending his son Jesus into the world to live among us and eventually die by crucifixion. On the cross, Jesus suffered all the just punishment of God against sinners in our place. He died, but was raised from the dead by God as a sign of approval. Because Jesus died for us in this way, it is now possible for God to forgive sinners and maintain his justice, because the price for our sin has been paid. Anyone who confesses their sinful state with a desire to turn from it and trusts in Jesus alone for acceptance in God's sight will be forgiven and adopted by God as a child, never to be turned away. This great reality will bear on the mind of every person who trusts in Jesus and motivate them to reflect God's great love in response. One of the ways God has led us personally to respond to his salvation is through adoption, so that is why we are here! 

Logistically, we have currently completed our home study and are working on our international paperwork. We will post any further updates in the updates section (above). Thanks so much for you support in helping us bring our little boy home! 

  1. Currently (end of April), we have completed our homestudy and dossier and the adoption agency has those. We are waiting on USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigraiton Services) to send us an approval form for Asha, and then we can send that with the rest of the documents to Hong Kong. At that point, it's mainly a waiting game! We may have a couple more little forms here and there, but nothing major.

    We are very excited about bringing home our boy! Even though we started only seven months ago, it feels like such a long time and still seems so far away. When we buy an extra bed to put in the boy's room, though, that sure will make it seem like it's right around the corner!

Denise Crawford

Congratulations. What a wonderful family this little guy will become part of...

Michael & Carolyn Fields

We wish you great joy and happiness with expanding your family, we look forward to meeting our new great-nephew.


Alae Yaseen

Good luck

Skyler Bunce

Sarah and I wish you guys the best!!!

Justin and Katie

We just want to encourage you and support you in this amazing opportunity to change a life, and let you know that we're praying that God would continue to guide you in this process.


So excited for you guys!

Angel, Rachel, & Mila

So happy for your family! What an amazing journey! Good luck!!

Andy & Jenny Rodriguez

We are excited you you guys.

Wes & Emily Nowell

We are so excited to meet Baby Henry!! We love your family and are excited to have the opportunity to support this display of the Gospel in your home!! Love, The Nowells

Tyler and Katie Smith

We love you all and are praying for you to bring home your sweet boy safely! The Smiths

Randall Friesen

We love you!