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My name is Sarah, I go by Sarah Bee. I am a 32yo who currently works as an EMT/Firefighter. It has been my hearts desire to adopt since I was in high school. There's so many children who never get a chance at a loving home and I always wanted to give one a chance. 1 year ago I found out about Embryo (Snowflake) Adoptions and I loved the idea of not only being able to adopt but to also have a chance to carry my child. There is an unknown amount of embryos that are currently frozen in the world and I believe that each one should have a chance at life. I may not be able to give each one a chance but I can give at least one. I have spent the last year working lots of overtime and doing fundraising so help raise the funds for the adoption and am now in the final stage of raising money for the implantation procedures. I have been blessed with a very supportive family, church family, and friends who are just as excited about Baby K. I first found out about embryo adoptions last year and was instantly intrigued. After praying and talking to my pastor and a few dear friends I decided to go for it. I have spent the last year working overtime, finishing EMT school and even more overtime. My hope is that I will be able to start the implantation process no later than December of this year, the sooner the better. While it's been a wild ride I have grown close to God as I've had to lean on Him and trust in His sovereignty through every up and down. If you feel led to help me out, I thank you so much! And if you cannot help out with a donation, I love as many prayers as I can get. Thank you and hope you have a blessed day!

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