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We're Asher and Stephanie Neal and we are adopting our first baby!!!

Why are we adopting?

For the past 6 years we have struggled with infertility. From the time we started dating to now, we have always said we would adopt. Since it has been so hard to have children biologically, adoption has just grown dearer and dearer to our hearts. It just so happens that adoption is on both sides of our family! Asher was adopted as an infant by his parents, Stephanie's parents adopted her brother and sister out of foster care, We have a niece and nephew who were adopted as infants, and Asher has 2 siblings who were also adopted! Needless to say, adoption is really close to our hearts! We also went through the foster system in hopes to adopt a sweet 1 month old baby boy right out of the NICU. He was in our care for 6 wonderful months and we wouldn't change those months for the world. Unfortunately, he was removed from our home to live with family. It was a very hard situation and a hard road to go down. God has given us so much grace to get through it!

What is next?

We are asking for your help! We know that not everyone has the means to give financially. If you do, we appreciate that you have invested to help bring baby Neal home! What we really need is prayer!! We ask for prayers that God would provide strength, patience as we wait and the finances we need. We cannot do this without God, finances, and prayers!

Y'all truly are a huge blessing to us!

Charles Harvey

Little baby will get a forever family and be raised in a Christian home. What a blessing.

Robyn King

Praying for a special child to enter your lives.

Gary Neal

Laura Stille

May God grant you the desire of your hearts, in His good time.

Gary Neal