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We are adopting… EMBRYOS!! 

Jordan and I had come to the decision it was time to grow our family and begin having children of our own, but it was not as easy as we had anticipated. The heartbreak of infertility is slowly being healed by finding the unique process of frozen embryo adoption. Our journey has been long and difficult, with unknown days still ahead- but we know that it will all be worth it when we get to hold our *Snowflake* baby!

We have stayed pretty quiet about this part of our lives. I think it was mainly to protect our hearts. However, many of our friends, just like us, suffer from infertility. We did not feel right keeping it a secret because we want all of our friends to have the same opportunities and tools we have found.. 

Jordan and I are extremely excited for this new adventure that we are embarking on. If you have any more questions, the beauty of Snowflake adoption is explained through this website: Nightlight.org
#embryoadoption #snowflakebaby

  1. We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately and figured it was time to update our Snowflake process🩵❄️

    Are we pregnant? No. Are we close? Doesn’t feel like it. 😆 Are we discouraged? A little. Are we sad we can’t have our own biological children? Heartbroken- and still working through that. But, we have hope🩵

    We are currently waiting on the Army. We were hoping to be moved by now but currently we don’t know know when that will happen. We have to complete our “home study” process first. That means we need to be living in Colorado with all of our belongings and settled. Once that is complete we can start our matching process to find our sweet babes!

    This journey is taking longer than we expected but we know it will all be worth the wait! ❄️

  2. We are in Phase 2 of our home study!❄️🩵

  3. A few questions we have received:

    Does this mean we have a surrogate: No, I get to carry our sweet babe(s)!

    What does our timeline look like: We are in the home study phase. This should be almost completed by the time we move to Colorado! After this we get matched with a family (mutual decision on both families part), the frozen embryos are sent to our fertility clinic in Denver. Then we begin the transfer!
    Our move back to the states will delay our transfer by a short time, we want to be settled in our new home before any transfers.

    How many embryos are we adopting: We are praying to match with a family that has 5-7 embryos. Unfortunately, statistics say they won’t all survive the thawing process, that is why we will be paired with so many. All our babies will be blood related, which literally brings tears to my eyes.

    What is the legal aspect: When they are transferred to our clinic and contracts have been signed they are considered our property. After we have given birth they legally become our children and we have full custody!

Jordan Lewis

Can’t wait!

Josh Beysselance

You guys are incredible friends and will make amazing parents. We are so excited for you and can not wait to see where this journey takes you!

Tiffany Munatonez

We love you both and can't wait to see where this journey takes you! Thank you for letting us in on this adventure ❤️

Kevin Slone

Love you guys

Stephen Sarica

Anke and I hope the best for you and are keeping you in our thoughts throughout your journey!

Emileth & Robert Hayes

Best wishes and blessings on this fantastic journey.

Edward Carr

Prayers for you in this wonderful adventure

Cookie Towlson

Alina & Ben Hisel-Ritz

We love you guys and can’t wait to follow you on this amazing journey!!

Marilla Rinard

Praying and cheering for you guys! 💕

Jenna Novinger

I'm so excited for the both of you!

Logan Gogerty

Rowen & Collins Bolyard

Granath Musson

Love you guys 🙌 we need more operators in the world

Brian Carlson

Trevor Dawson

I'm praying for you guys, I know God is going to bless you

Victoria Mills

You have been on my heart all day today! I cannot wait to see you both become parents. You will be amazing and you future children will be so lucky to have you ♥️ I love you!