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Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us and our family.

We believe that family is a group of persons related by common convictions or common fellowship. This is definitely our family. No matter the path traveled or the road taken, each member of our family has come to our world a different way.  Ariel is an only child with a loving father, and cousins who serve as siblings. As an only child, her family included close friends and extended family. Through the loss of Ariel’s mother, she formed strength and perseverance in both life and career. Chris is the oldest of 3. He has a younger brother and sister. He also has two best friends Phil and Chris. Chris has always kept his friends as close as family and considers them to be just that.
We have been together for 12 years. We found each other while living an entire country apart. We were married in 2017 in a 1920's marble mansion. We had many wonderful years of traveling together and wanted to share the experience with children. As our extended family began to grow we yearned more and more for a child of our own, but in 2018 we learned that Ariel would not be able to become pregnant. After nights of tears, Chris confessed to Ariel his love and passion towards adoption. He explained that he felt God guiding us that direction. That night, we made the decision to pack up our old home and expand into a new home and make room for a new little one through adoption. We are very excited to introduce a child to our wonderful family of friends and relatives.

We cannot express how grateful we are to have such wonderful people in our lives and thank you very much for thinking of us.


Chris and Ariel

  1. Hi Everyone,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful support! We have just shipped our profile book out all over the United States. We will be playing the waiting game! We are getting closer to our goal and are so thankful to the support we received so far!

Chris Hayes

Y’all are going to be great parents! Love you guys and can’t wait to meet your baby!

Laura Triest

Lots of love and prayers for you both during this time of waiting and preparing! You both are such a blessing!

Robin Wurtzinger

May all your dreams come true!!!

Glenn & Jeff Masias

You'll make fantastic parents ❤️. Blessings

Kyle and Kiva Kinney

Roma Lott

Love your story and your hearts. You will be amazing parents.

Kay and Charlie Knox


Stacey Hetherington

Best wishes xo S

David Dunlap

Here’s a little help to that baby home!

Ray & Tammy Morris

We are praying for you both that God brings the perfect child into your lives. You both are loving, kind people and you will make great parents.

Katie and Gabe Haynes

You guys are going to make the best parents!!

Brenda Lamon

Alex Lott

Yall are going to be awesome parents and so excited for yall!!!