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These three siblings lost both their parents six months apart. Due to these traumatic events, they are having difficulty coping and are facing a hard life. Currently, they are staying with their grandmother who is very sick and not able to adequately care for them. The youngest is seven and asthmatic. He has frequent asthma attacks which require trips to the emergency room. The grandmother is not able to take him because of her illness. I am asking for help to complete this adoption from the Carribean. I can give them a home with family who loves them and the individual care that each one needs. I am committed to helping them grow up to be the persons they were meant to be. Thank you for any help you can give!



  1. Can you please help these children to come home? their Parents died and they are waiting to come home, but I need help to complete the adoption process. They are orphans and need a family. I am adapting them but I need help to complete the process. Thank you.

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