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Hi! Our journey to adoption actually began a long time ago. For as long as I (Brittany) can remember, my greatest desire was to be a mother. But at age 26, I found out I would not be able to have children biologically. While it was devastating news, God had already been preparing my heart for adoption since I was a young girl. My mother remembers me talking about adopting a baby long before I ever knew about my infertility. My love for kids led me to move to South Africa to work with orphans and vulnerable children and that was where I discovered first-hand how easily I could love those children who were not biologically related to me. For the last ten years, I have looked forward to the day when I would finally adopt a child. When Ben and I begain dating three years ago, I shared my story and my adoption hopes with him and he jumped right on board!

Since we got married, we have been prayerfully discerning the right time to begin this journey and we believe the time has come! Our excitement for adoption does not come without a sober awareness of the impossible decision the expectant mothers are making. We are praying that whatever expectant mother might choose us to parent her child woudl feel loved, supported and valued by us. We are already praying for her all the time. And we are really looking forward to whatever God has for our future!

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  1. We are so excited to announce that we have been matched and placed with a baby girl! Our daughter Naia was born on January 16 and we could not be more thrilled! She is perfect in every way and we are so in love. Our final fees will be due in the coming weeks. If you feel led to give towards the final steps of making Naia a permanent part of our family, any amount would be a huge blessing! Thank you for your prayers, support and generosity!

Elizabeth Rowe

May this little donation encourage your heart today. I know it's not much, but we know that God is able to do much more than we can ever imagine. Believing in faith you SHALL be fully funded.

Francie Di Pietro

We love you so much and so happy for the three of you!!! We love her already!!

Jasmine Mayeda

We love you Parks!! Welcome Naia Marie!

Sunny Spearman

Can’t wait to meet NAIA!!!

Melissa Parker

Praying for you as you soak in the joy of parenthood. So incredibly honored to help.

Lindsay Gipe

Beyond thrilled for you guys. Praising God and coming alongside your family forever.

Kimberley Hannah

So happy for your family!

Kile Mockett

Ashley Copp

B Harris

Janelle Warren

Donna Carrico


Seri Wheeler


Pete Marchica

Love you, Brit. Sorry it’s not more - I don’t make much money at my job. Good luck to you both. Can’t wait to see photos in 6 months. I know your Dad is proud of you somewhere out there, up above ❤️

Gildardo Nava

Congrats. Lauren and I wish you all the best on this new journey.

Chad Bowker

This is wonderful and I'm so happy for all three of you!

Jaclyn OReilly


dolly rouse

Lisa Armour

Celebrating with you! Welcome Naia Marie!!

Elena Piercey

Welcome to our tribe, baby Naia! Been waiting for you, little love. Can’t wait to see your mommy and daddy in their baby bliss!!!!!!

Debra Lauzon

We are so thrilled to be a teeny tiny part of this joyful blessing

Janine Musorafite


Tim & Molly Sullivan

So happy for you and praying your sweet family feels the presence of God each day as Naia gets to know her mama and daddy.

Elena Maddern

Blessings to your beautiful family!

Breven Simcox

Sending you lots of love ❤️

The Hurley Fam

We are thrilled for you and praying for your family! 💗

Suzie Lind

Cris Albanese

Wishing you the wonderful joys of parenthood.

Ingrid and Brad Hicks

So happy for you two and look forward to watching sweet baby Naia grow in the warmth of Gods love 😊wish we could give more !

Duke Winser


Charles Spahn

So happy for you guys , Britt… LOVE to see how happy you are with Baby Naia. She’s got killer parents!!!

Andrew Faris

Excited for you two to take this next step! We're praying for you and the baby even as we write this.

Jessie Austin

You guys have touched so many lives over the years. Congrats on your new journey as parents. ❤️

Mia Ellison

Marco Giovino

Chuck Giovino

Nina Castner

We’re so happy for your family and looking forward to meeting NAIA. Love, Nina, Jake & Vera


So thrilled for your beautiful family!!!

George and Susan Hurley

We are praying for you and honored to be able to help. Sending hugs and love! Susan and George Hurley

Cameron Samimi

You will be wonderful parents. So excited for you.

Ron and Linda Bishop

Sending you all our love!

Susan Johnson

I am thrilled to contribute to your family of joy!

James + Calia Knutson

Love ya lots, and are blessed so be a part of your family journey!!

Johanna Mockett

Sean Sullivan

Love you guys and Naia!

Kelly Constable

I love you guys.

Aubrey Perkins

Congrats on your growing family ♥️ I can’t wait to meet her

Allyson Doria

Edna Grace Cubillos

Congratulations! We love you!