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Thank you for taking the time to read the Davis' story as they step into this adoption process, and for coming alongside them as they seek to grow their sweet family. Read below to learn more about their journey! We are grateful for each and every one of you and ask that you continue to pray for their family as they continue following the Lord's direction. - Becca 


From the beginning of our relationship Wes and I had hopes of sharing life with a big family and even talked about the possibility of adopting someday! We had both had the desire to adopt as younger children and had a passion for the youth around us as we became adults. Wes loves taking Landon and his boy friends into the woods to explore and do "manly things" like skip rocks, built forts, sharpen sticks, and throw axes. I have coached track and volleyball for years, an both of us have been involved in leading youth group. However, shortly after Landon was born we began realizing that God had other plans for our lives. We tried for more kids and after a few years, realized we needed medical intervention. After failed IUI attempts, a failed IVF attempt and an unknown future, we felt led to follow God's call into adoption. Due to our family dynamics and desires we didn't feel like we were being led to domestic or international adoption, and we didn't feel fit for foster care. After searching for God's vision, we came across embryo adoption and knew this is where He was directing us. We don't know what this will mean for us and the future of our family, but we have all the intention in the world to follow closely what He has for us.

There are currently over 1 million frozen embryos awaiting homes. Crazy enough, they can all fill a box that is 1"x1" in area, but we know God has big plans for the lives in the cube! As Christians we are called to defend the orphans and the widows (Psalm 82:3) and this seemed like a practical way to do so. We are currently in the matching phase of this adoption where we will be paired with a couple offering up their unused IVF embryos for adoption. This means that we will receive the embryos and then they will implant them, meaning that I will be blessed to be able to carry and deliver our adopted child! This has left a window of some interesting coversation with Landon- he's been asking if we will have to travel to pick up his brother (I'm sure he'd be really happy with a sister, too) or if the baby will be dropped off at our door....He is curious and we love it- I have no doubt he will be an awesome big brother! Unlike traditional adoption, it is not 100% guaranteed but it does have higher success rates than most other options. Plus, even if it doesn't work, God has been showing Himself faithful and teaching us so much as we've trekked through this journey! 

Most of you have been walking alongside us on this journey and we appreciate all the prayers that have been said on our behalf! The embryo adoption process is much more affordable than a domestic or international adoption, but still requires a fair amount of fiscal resources. We ask that you prayerfully consider helping us on this journey, and at the very least, ask that you continue to pray for our family!

  1. Hello friends!

    Our most recent update is that we received a match and are now waiting to move on with the process! They warned us that this part can take a few weeks as the clinics coordinate transfer of embryos (we have three coming to us) prepped with all of the medical processes and paperwork!

    We are excited and so so thankful to all of you who have prayed for us, walked this journey alongside us, and/or helped us financially. We document do it without you!

Carin Lechner

Love you all and can’t wait to baby sit the next member of the family :)

Cheryl Richmond

Wishing you three the best in this next adventure ❤️

Gina Howell

Bridget Backer

Ashley! Wes! Landon! I am OVERJOYED at this news, and am so encouraged by your FAITHFUL OBEDIENCE to the Lord's direction in your family's life. May He grant you all an abudance of patience, of hope, of JOY as you go through this process. Whoever this little one is - they will be SO blessed to be welcomed into your fold. This little one is going to learn to laugh and love life well. I know that for sure!! Will be praying daily for you all! "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for HE who promised is FAITHFUL” (Heb. 10:23). LOVE YOU HIGHER THAN MT. PRINCETON! Bridget.

Thomas Tanner

Praying for you guys! -Katie & Thomas

Dani Chambers

So much love to you all!

Melissa Biesboer

Love you guys so much! This baby will be so blessed to have you guys as parents and Landon as a big brother! Can’t wait to have another little peanut to spoil!


Candace Wieringa