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Nearly 7 years ago we met on a camping trip to Carter Lake, Colorado. Our first words to each other were "Hey! Your name is Austin too!?" We were engaged 10 months later, married in the mountains near Estes Park and this year, celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.

We have always known we wanted children but after 2 long years of trying and a few small fertility treatments, we knew God was calling us to grow our family through adoption instead of pursuing IVF treatments. We are looking forward to what's next and know with divine certainty that this is God's plan for our family. We have faith that He will open doors and bring us all together.

We are so excited to become parents but we need your help to make this all happen. There are a few ways you can support us on this journey.

1. If you feel that tug on your heart, you can donate financially to our adoption fundraiser on this site! Funds raised from this site will go directly to Nightlight Christian Adoptions to help cover adoption agency fees, travel expenses, and attorney fees. 

2. If you feel led, please lift our family up in your prayers. We ask for peace, patience, faith, and clarity as we seek to grow our family.

3. If you or someone you know is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you can reach out to Nightlight Christian Adoptions and mention The Overman Family (ID #: 1102728) or visit Nightlight.org to learn more about pregnancy resources and free counseling. 

We have spent long hours in prayer and thought to write this letter to you. This may be the hardest and most exciting thing God has ever asked us to do but we're confident He has good things in store for us. We have struggled with the thought of asking you to support us, but, we know God designed us to be in community for this reason. We would be honored if you would help us on this journey. Thank you so much for your support and prayers, no words could ever express our gratitude. 

With Love and Appreciation, Austin & Austen 



Brittany Bradbury

I wish you the best of luck. What a selfless choice you have chosen! I’m so happy for you both.

Jedediah Kitzman

Y’all will be the best parents! Proud of you guys ❤️

Kady Kellogg

Annika Duden

I know this hasn’t been an easy journey, and your faith and tenacity has been so inspiring through the hard times. I am so thankful to have you and know you, and this little baby is incredibly blessed to have you as parents 🙏🏼

Molly Slinker

Yay!! Y’all deserve this and happy to help ❤️

Sarah Madsen


Alexa Coder

Mikeal and I are SO excited for you guys! You will be such amazing parents! We can’t wait to see your family grow. ❤️

Allie Linnebur


Amanda Norman

Keeping y'all in our prayers!

Lindsay Tidwell

Praying for you as you start this new journey!

Casree Holland

So excited for your expansion ❤️🙌👑

Rachael Jacobs

I expect my money back if the kiddo isn’t named Austen;) You guys will be such amazing parents, I’m so excited to see your family grow!

Erika Roberts/Gates

The commitment & love you already have for your future baby is evident. What a great adventure ❤️

Billie Charf

We are so proud of you both! This little one will have great parents! We love you very much and will be praying for you through this journey! Uncle Mark and Aunt Billie

Tessa Beran

God has such an awesome plan for you guys. Love you both, Tessa and Brock

Trevor Madsen

Jo Ann Gerlach

So excited for you guys. It must have taken great strength and courage to share your story. Love to you both 💞

Casey Cantwell

Cheryl Cech

I can't wait to see the beautiful family you become with this new gift of God

Brandy Ishida

We are so happy for you and know what a special blessing this child will receive from parents like you ❤

Rebecca Mudd

Blessings y'all!

Saundra and Rick Overman

May your adoption experience be as wonderful as ours!!

Michael Paris

Donna and Danny Upson

So excited for you guys! Here’s wishing you all the best!!

Joan Heideman

Best of Luck on your new venture 🙏🏻💕 We are proud of you & if you need anything for the little blessings let us know 💕 can’t wait to see the new addition 🙏🏻💕God Bless 🙏🏻🙏🏻💕💕

Kimberly Swarts

You will be great parents.

Keith Johann

Carol Tracy

We are excited for you and believing God will put the perfect blessing in your arms! Children are a blessing from God for sure!! I am looking forward to the baby shower!!

Sandi Harmon

Best wishes in creating your happy family!

Monica Valdez

Jennifer Green

Can’t wait to meet the little one! Prayers and love as you grow your family!

Samantha Charf

What an amazing path God has lead you to! We can't wait to meet your little one! Cody and I will be praying for you. Love you guys ❤

Grant Leadem

You have the Leadem’s in your corner

Scott Baldensperger

Jay, Kim and Aspen Stalnacker

Amanda and Timmy Ornelas

So very happy for you both! Cannot wait to meet Baby Overman, your baby couldn't have better parents ❤ I hope this journey in life is all you hoped it would be! God Bless! ~Amanda and Timmy~

Laura Amaya

Congratulations! You will be such a great mama. Best of luck on your journey.


His plan is perfect, and your child will be so blessed to have you two as parents. We are praying for you guys and here to support in anyway!

Lexi Wentworth

You guys are going to be great parents❤️

Rachel and Christian Conroy

Becoming parents this year has been the greatest blessing and I cannot wait for you to feel this love. Nothing compares. 💕

Derek Palmer

Merry Christmas to you both. We hope you can complete your family ASAP. If you ever need anything please let us know. Love Derek and Jayna

Kayce Grine

Brian Cohen

Nothing but the best to you two.

Mike Lindstrom

A&A - Tasman is pleased to support you guys in the effort to adopt, love, and support a young life in this world. Best of luck on your journey through parenthood...it’s a wild and rewarding journey! Tasman - Mike and Jim

Samantha Nider

May your prayers be answered and your hearts full of happiness.

Brian Burrus

Jennifer Zibell

Congratulations! Excited for you both, and happy to support you in this process of bringing home your little one ❤️

Hannah Richa

So excited for you guys! Miss you both!!

Libby Turner

Sending you both love + excitement for this opportunity. Thank you for giving a kiddo a great home.

Libby Turner


Leann Luna

Love you guys

Arlynn Memsic

So excited for you guys! You will be such a wonderful mom Austen! And we can talk sleep schedules, feeding and everything 😎👼🏼

Laura Oxler

You’re already amazing parents, Austen!

Julie Stokes

May God bless your growing family ❤️

Geneva Z Bailey

Looking forward to being part of the Adoption Puzzle for the new little one. Her/his Auntie Geneva loves that person already. <3 Geneva Z. Bailey

Suzanne Johnson

Thank you for letting us join in this beautiful opportunity.

Dori Lentsch

Mason Baessler

Y’all are going to make amazing parents!

Cassie Clusman

Small contribution, but sending love ❤️

Sharon and Ken DelRoss

We’re so thrilled for you both. Our family can always use a little more Sugar in our lives. We love you both Auntie and Uncle.

Aya Dunklin

Praying for y’all’s journey to be united with your baby♥️ May God bless you with all the strength and peace through the process of adoption.

Alexandra Faugue

Such an incredible adventure ahead of you! Love you both! Congratulations!

Colin Crow

Ryan Schrom

🙏🏻 best of luck!