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To be honest, this adoption was not even on the radar just a few weeks ago.  We thought our family was complete.  We have a biological daughter named Addy who is 9 years old and an adopted daughter named Avery who is 16 months old.  We have a nice life and we were content with 2 kids.  But.......sometimes God has other plans.

When we first received that phone call asking if we would be interested in adopting a biological sister for our adopted daughter, our initial reaction was absolutely not.  We are totally content and not sure if we could even handle another child based on our hectic schedules.  Two kids in diapers, that just sounds terrible.  Not to mention the fact that we are already 43 years old.  How are we going to do this?  We are too old to have another baby.  Those are a lot of excuses.  All of those excuses are valid points.

The flip side to that is the opportunity to change not 1 but 2 lives.  The chance to adopt a biological sister for your adopted daughter is a huge opportunity.  To give them each a stable life where they can grow up together, knowing each other and experiencing this life together.

God changed our hearts and we have embarked on this journey to adopt another child.  This all happened very fast.  From the time we found out the birth mother was pregnant again until the baby was born was 9 days.  Our first adoption took several years so we were able to save money and fundraise to prepare for that.  This adoption just fell into our laps and we were not prepared at all.  We had saved no money and have done no fundraising.  This is reason we are using AdoptionBridge. We trusted God that if he provided a way for this adoption to happen, he would also provide us a way to pay for it.  We greatly appreciate any donations made on our behalf.  God Bless!

Kyle, Sabra, Addy, Avery and the newest addition Ashton


Elizabeth Durham

I can't wait to meet the newest addition to your family! ❤

Pam Reid

Congratulations! Adoption is such a blessing!

Christina Thomas

Congratulations! Wishing you all years and years of precious memories!

Brandi Jones

Congratulations on growing your family!

Marchelle Gray

We can’t wait to meet Ashton❤️. Love & prayers!

Gabby Gray

Can’t wait to meet her! Love you all-can’t wait to babysit at three of your kiddos this summer!❤️❤️❤️

Joyce M. Di Gesare

I'm a Bennett High School classmate of your Mom's. I want to Congratulate both of you for your courage and love. What a beautiful family. God bless you.

Penny Flowe

I am shelby's Mom. I enjoyed loving on Ashton last week! What a precious doll! God bless you all!

Vicki Allen

So wonderful you want to keep siblings together. They will thank you one day.

Sara Rupard

Emma and I are so excited for you all- congratulations on your new addition!

Mandy Elkins

Connie Reinhardt

God bless you all. What a wonderful family.

Beverly Burrus

What a special family!

Guyanne Stanton

Your family is precious. God bless you all.

Martine & Wayne Imon

Beautiful family story of your loving family! And, a great testimony of trust as well. Love to you all!

Tonie Burberry

Such a precious family. Wishing you all the best on this journey.

judi zamos

good for you. what a lovely family.

Bettye McKoy

I am so proud of you all for making the sacrifice and changing the life of 2 little children. God will bless you immensely.

Shelli Gross

Sending your family love and prayers for your new addition. 💕💕💕💕💕

Deanna Hunt

Britney Brandt

Good luck!! We have an Ashton in our family so that was a definite sign we had to help ❤️

Lisa Zambron

God Bless your family ❤️

Barbara Vaccai

I wish I could do more but I hope even this small amount will help. God bless you for the love you're sharing with another.

Katie England

Thank you for being open to what God has in store for your family! My prayers are with you!

Chelsea McElveen

You have been a blessing to work with and get to know!

Paula Aldridge

Just love seeing our family grow!

Aimee & Kevin (& Tristan) Kidd

May God richly bless you for taking this giant leap of faith and following His will. Aimee, Kevin & Tristan

Jennifer Wiggins

Adrienne Bauer

I love your heart for adoption and your willingness to love! I trust that God will show up BIG in this journey for you all!! Love this so much!

Krista Collier

Jennifer Mckinney

Jennifer Layne

You guys are the best. What an amazing thing you are doing for these girlies!!!!! I love y’all!!!!!

Beverly Johnson

Congratulations and God Bless!

Pamela Williams

Love and Blessings to you.