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Hi, everyone!

Nikki and Annie here. We have been working hard over the past few years to have a baby. Respect to all the scientists who work their butts off, but they have not quite figured out yet how to make that an easy task for the two of us. We are ready and have been ready to become mothers. Infant adoption is expensive though. We know COVID-19 has taken over so many lives (pay cuts, lay-off's, furloughes, etc.), but if you are able and, more importantly, willing, we are asking for some help with this pesky financial step. Every little dollar counts towards the bigger picture-helping to make us the cool moms we know we can be. We hope we are given the honor of adopting a little baby Klitzke someday soon!

Making and giving money is hard. We know this and respect this. We will also accept help in the form of positives words and tight hugs. Thank you so much!!!


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