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Dear Friends and Family, Thanks for joining us on our adoption journey!  This journey started with us about 10 years ago, when we were still dating in college.  Many of our friends were in the process of adopting a child at the time, and we were convicted that God also had that plan for us.  Through Jesus, God has adopted each and every one of us.  We are hopeful to exemplify the image of Christ by inviting another little one into our lives. To see a little more about us and our adoption journey, see Our Photo Book or Our Video. Thank you for considering to support us financially, but more so, we can't thank you enough for waiting in anticipation with us.  Please pray that God provides us guidance, clarity, and patience as we actively wait together. With Love, Alex and Jessica

  1. Hi Everyone!

    It's been a longer process than we thought, and we are blessed to have so many people waiting with us. Thanks to those who are helping us wait fervently, patiently, and with purpose. A special thanks to those who are able to support and comfort us when we grow inpatient with waiting. From Jessica -- it's one of the hardest things I have ever done.

    Nightlight has been keeping us updated on their work during the pandemic. They are going to great lengths to continue the work of partnering with birthmoms, other agencies, adoptive parents, etc. They are doing almost everything virtually (including adoption finalizations via court). It is encouraging to see that things have not stalled. I am amazed by their perseverance.

    Thanks for listening! Continue to wait with us <3

  2. Hi everyone! Still waiting, still fundraising. We appreciate all of the support so far. Thanks so much!

James Sandifer

Your generosity is amazing. We look forward to meeting the newest member of the family.

Youlia Petrova

You are such an inspiration! Big hug!

Christine and Jen Rudzinskidupree (Raby)

Any child would be blessed to have you as parents.

Rachel Benner

It's not much, but I will forever be thankful for your generosity to me. Prayers for the journey going forward.

Mabel Yin

It is WONDERFUL that you are adopting!


It must be a long process for you and your family. Hang in there! I believe in happy ending! ❤️

Victoria Shank

So excited for you guys! You will be in our prayers as you wait for your little one. We are looking forward to being adoptive parents ourselves in a few years once Mailon is out of the baby/toddler stage! Lots of love from Missouri! - Daniel, Victoria, Carina and Mailon

Michael Johnson

Love you guys.

William Johnson

I love you guys.

Anthony & Jennifer Johnson

Jessica, Alex, and Nora: We hope this provides you a little help in adopting our next grandchild. We love you all, Momma and Daddy

Anthony Johnson

A little more help from momma and daddy.

Anthony Johnson

A little more help. Best wishes for the adoption opportunity this week. Momma and Daddy.

Anthony Johnson

Hoping to see a baby by Halloween. Love you all, Momma and Daddy.

Anthony Johnson

A little more help from momma and daddy.

Anthony Johnson

Merry Christmas!

Anthony & Jennifer Johnson

Happy Birthday from Momma and Daddy.


Your forever child is out there. The Universe will connect you when it's time.♥️

Adam, Jessie, and Theodore Daniels

We know how hard waiting is. Love you all and pray your waiting will soon come to an end.

Anthony Johnson

Hoping for a baby soon, Momma and Daddy.

Anthony Johnson

Happy Easter from Momma and Daddy.

Anthony Johnson

A belated Happy Mother’s Day from Momma and Daddy.

Anthony Johnson

Happy Fourth of July. Momma and Daddy.

Anthony Johnson

We will see you Columbus Day week. Momma and Daddy.