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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Parent,

Do you remember as a kid when superheroes were every kid's greatest aspiration? When someone asked, what you wanted to be when you grew up, your reply was a superhero. We don't think about what a superhero really is. The simple answer is someone who saves. A superhero is expected to have the courage to face things others cannot. When we pray we often expect God to just make it happen but patience can be hard. We have prayed for a superhero like you. You have created a new life. Physically, the beauty and miracle of creating a human being—that power—you orchestrated. You are a mother. And what makes you a mother, and our hero, is using all your power and strength, all your courage and faith, to consider us. Your choice created a new life, carved a new path for that baby and for us. We hope that we make you proud. We hope we don't let you down. We hope that our sleepless nights and late-night trips to the ER are enough. We hope that even on the toughest of days you feel at peace with considering us to love your baby.

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