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Domestic Adoption

Dear birth parent(s), We are two families in a tough spot, you may be considering placing your child for adoption, and we are trying to start a family in the face of infertility. Making a placement decision may be one of the hardest and least selfish decisions that can be made. We are familiar with this kind of decision because I, Molly, and my younger sister, were placed at birth with our adoptive family. It has been a blessing for both sets of birth parents and our adoptive family.  We have been praying to find the right situation for the birth parent(s), a child, and us. We are confident our prayers will be answered. We have a lot of love to share, and we promise that your child, if placed with us, will grow up in a loving and nurturing faith-oriented family and community. We have 5 adult family members close by, Molly's parents, her sister and husband, and an aunt. Vacations, traditions, and holidays are a big part of our family. Pick a holiday, accomplishment, or birthday, and you will find us celebrating over a meal, playing a game, and corralling the dogs. When we met, we found we had several things in common, including a faith in God, a love for hiking, camping, and dogs. Our first date was meeting at Petco with our dogs; we stood in the snow talking after the store closed. When we decided to get married, two elements of that agreement were that we would move to SoCal and that we both wanted children. In SoCal, we settled into our current home, found good jobs, and joined our community. When we found out we were infertile, without hesitation, we started looking at adoption to have a family. Our two-bedroom home is a short drive to the beach. We live close to Griffith Park, and its zoo, where we like to hikeSoCal is full of cultural and sporting venues that we enjoy visiting.

We have a history of openness in our adoption history; our family regularly shared each child's development with the birth parents through letters, photos, and phone calls. Molly and her sister are in contact with their birth families.  

We have a strong set of traditions and values that will influence our parenting.  Our value sets are primarily based on our faith in God and our desire to be kind and considerate people with good hearts. Children, like adults, have thoughts and feelings too; they should be treated with dignity and respect even when disciplined.

We pray you will be blessed with what you need.  If chosen, we promise to be upfront about the blessing adoption is, and the loving decision and sacrifice that went into it. We also promise to love your child as our very own and provide them with a full, cherished, and vested place in our family.

“Not bone of my bone, nor flesh of my flesh, but desire of my heart.”

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Love, Molly and Chance

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