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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birth Mother,

It is with honor and humility that we write you this letter. We don’t know what you are experiencing or feeling in this time, but we do know that being pregnant can cause excitement, along with fear and anxiety.  We pray that God has provided you with loving friends, family and professionals as you consider the possibility of adoption for your child.

We appreciate that getting ready for a baby is scary and we believe you are courageous and strong. Deciding if adoption will be right for you and your baby must be a scary time. After a hard pregnancy with our birth son, we decided that adoption was a beautiful way to grow our family – but this decision took time and was difficult as we prayed and talked with friends who have been touched by adoption.

Lyon and I live in Upstate South Carolina. We have been married for 10 years and been a couple for close to 15 years. Our son is six and will start kindergarten soon. We enjoy hiking, gardening and cooking as a family. We spend a great deal of time at church and hanging out with our friends and neighbors.  Lyon is a lawyer and I work as a disability examiner for Social Security.

We have strong relationships with both sides of our families, and our immediate family is excited about the possibility of another grandchild and cousin. Our son is especially excited for a sibling. We are excited to get to know you and make a family with you, depending on what makes you the most comfortable. We respect your privacy and your decisions during this journey and as your story continues to unfold.

With prayers,

Lyon and Georgia

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