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Domestic Adoption

Hello! We are Josh and Mary Carolyn and we are honored you are reading our story. As we write this, our hearts are full of compassion as you are in the midst of big, complex decisions for the child growing inside you that you love very much. We are humbled by your courage and strength in the face of your decision making process.  Our hearts are also full of hope and excitement, mostly because we know exactly how much lives can change because of adoption.  Josh was adopted and so was his mother.  Mary Carolyn's cousins were adopted.  We know firsthand the impact adoption can make on children and families. We know that our future child will be regarded as the biggest blessing and will be cherished daily.  We pray for you as you walk along this difficult path and regardless of where your journey leads you, we have the utmost respect for you.

We met online and our first date was at a sushi restaurant.  We bonded over shrimp tempura rolls and gyoza.  We laughed at how we lived within a mile from each other, worked across the street from one another, went to the same gym and even shopped at the same grocery store but it took an online dating website for us to meet! We dated, fell in love, went on vacations together (Disney World with Josh's family was a favorite!) and then got engaged while at the beach with Mary Carolyn's family.  We were married in 2018 and about a year later started our infertility journey.  After many miscarriages, we found out that we have a less than 5% chance of carrying a healthy baby to term.  With our knowledge and experience with adoption in the forefront of our minds, we eagerly started our adoption journey.

We, along with our fluffy puppy Cotton, have a very happy life.  We enjoy traveling, getting together with friends and family, and exploring parks and new areas. Our neighborhood is safe and our neighbors have become our friends.  Annual cookouts and get togethers are always fun. We visit the lake often and enjoy all of the activities it has to offer.  We also love to just relax at home, watching movies together and doing various hobbies.

We hope you take a look at our profile book and that you feel the love behind our words and pictures that we have for each other, our future child, and you.  We would love to meet you and are praying for you, that your path forward is full of hope.

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