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Domestic Adoption


It is with great respect and honor that we write this letter. Adoption can be complicated, but it is beautiful and wonderful at the same time! As prospective adoptive parents, we too have had an emotional journey to get to where we are today. We have been scared, nervous, excited, and we cannot begin to imagine the variety of emotions you are experiencing as an expectant/birth mother. Please know that we have nothing but love in our hearts in all aspects. We have the upmost respect and admiration for the expectant/birth mothers. 

We have a long history of adoptions in both of our families. We understand that the tough life-changing decision you face is not an easy one. Please know that it is our desired to honor your sacrifices by cherishing and loving your child through adoption. As mentioned above, adoption has played a significant role in our lives. Bailey's grandmother was adopted as was Curtis's mother, whom of which then adopted two young children. Our own daughter has a beautiful adoption story as well. Our families are well versed on the subject of adoption, and they are welcoming of our decision to adopt with open arms and full hearts. Despite fertility issues we have faced through adversity (Bailey is a childhood Brain Tumor Survivor), we both have the lifelong dream of becoming parents and having a family of our own. We find peace in knowing that through the beautiful gift of adoption, we can make our dram of growing our family a reality. 

We live in sunny Southern California. We have been together or over 9 wonderful years and have been married for 4 of them. We enjoy going to the beach, being outdoors, and taking the time to enjoy the beauty around us. We love going on family adventures and exploring new areas. Bailey works as a Clinical Dietitian at a reputable local hospital. Throughout her career she has worked on multiple units including the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and the pediatric unit, experience of which we hope will give us an extra advantage/wealth of knowledge in caring for our children. Bailey is also a California Children Services (CCS) paneled provider. Curtis works as a General Manager at a high-end plumbing store and has managed multiple appliance stores in which he has gained much expertise, which will definitely help within the household.

We have a great relationship with our extended families on both sides and have outstanding support from them as well. We have local family and others who are all over the map. Despite the distance, we keep in constant communication with them and make it a priority to travel to see each other in person. Depending on your preference, we would love to also keep an open relationship with you. That being said, we respect your privacy and will honor any decision you make. It is your choice whether you would like an open relationship, little or no contact, occasional letters and photos, etc. We will love and cherish each child as all of God's children deserve a loving home. We promise to love your child unconditionally. We understand that this is a difficult decision as an expectant/birth mother, please know we are here with open arms and open hearts.

May you be blessed, whatever you decide.


Bailey and Curtis 

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