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Domestic Adoption


It is with deepest respect & greatest humility that we write this letter. Adoption is so many different things. It's beautiful & extraordinary. It can also be complicated & messy. Even as prospective adoptive parents we experience a wide range of emotions during this process. We cannot begin to imagine the various emotions you are experiencing as a birth mother! We have the highest admiration & respect for you.
We met in October 2016 on a blind date through a mutual friend. We both had been praying for a significant other to share our life with. There was no doubt in our minds & hearts that God had brought us together for a reason. We married in March 2018. Joey has twins, 20 years old, they are laid back & respectful like Joey. While Joey & I tried to have children of our own, the Lord spoke to me about adoption. There wasn't a week that went by where adoption was not brought to my attention. God's will was becoming clearer & clearer. We got tested to see why we weren't getting pregnant & that's when the infertility news surfaced. For me that was confirmation that God's will was indeed to adopt.
Joey & I live in Florida. We love to: play golf, ride bikes, travel, take walks on the beach, swim in the ocean, go to concerts & plays, watch various sporting events together, hangout with friends & family & eat delicious food.

Thank you for reading our book! We look forward to meeting you.

God Bless You,
Joey & Regina

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