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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birthparents!

We are Evamarie and Angel and we want to thank you for having chosen our book to get to know our story. We understand it is not an easy decision, but we want to tell you that you are a very courageous, wonderful, and incredible being with a great heart.  Although our family is small, we love each other immensely. Our home is never lacking laughter and happiness.  This letter encompasses a part of our lives so that you can visualize how the life of your child will be like in our family.

We would love to be parents and share our passion for living adventures, music and discovering more of our world.  We just know it will be the best phase of our lives and that it will be full of incredible moments and achievements. We would love to receive a child with our Latin heritage so that he or she can learn Spanish and acquire the liveliness which characterizes our culture.

 Angel and I met in a Master’s degree class seventeen years ago. The chemistry between us was instantaneous and we have been together ever since.  In 2008, we decided to get married.  We had a lovely wedding surrounded by our family and friends.  From that moment on we were prepared to receive a child in our new home.  With much hope and excitement, we envisioned learning we would be parents.  We imagined how we would decorate the baby’s room and how well received the news would be by our family.  As time went on, however, we did not conceive.  We visited various doctors, tried out many treatments, medication, shots, in vitro twice and nothing worked.  Our dream of having a child was shattered.  We would not be able to have a child of our own.  I was diagnosed with endometriosis- stage four.  I didn’t know what this meant but the doctor’s next words broke my heart.  He said, “a pregnancy with your condition would only be possible by a miracle”.  Grief-stricken, I began to cry until I arrived at my workplace where I had to feign all was well.  It was a hard blow for both of us.

 Adoption had always crossed our minds even before the revelation of my condition. We both wanted at least three children.  We had dreams of being together at Christmas, choosing a tree, decorating, and lighting it, how we would wake up Christmas morning and see their happy faces as they opened their gifts!  We still have this illusion. We would love to care for and participate in the life of a child.  It would be a pleasure to be able to prepare meals, help with schoolwork, participate in sports events and music and art classes.  We would transmit our faith as well.  Our desire is to have a child who will live life to its fullest.

 Our life is full of adventures. We enjoy searching for places that offer a variety of cuisine.  We have traveled to various countries to learn about different cultures and traditions.  My husband, Angel, loves playing video games, is very analytical and has a good sense of humor. He loves to prepare meals and makes delicious breakfasts. Pancakes are his specialty!  As for me, being a homemaker gives me peace of mind. I enjoy doing housework while listening to music. A trait I inherited from my mother. I also enjoy trying out recipes and I am learning to sew.  I would like to be able to make clothes and accessories for my child for visits to Disney.  Angel and I are Disney fans and have worked for the company. When visiting the parks, we envision being there and enjoying a fun time with a child. Our child will be very happy having a family who awaits anxiously to offer love and affection.  We are surrounded by parks, lakes, and beaches which we hope to enjoy with our child.

 We understand the choosing a family for your child is a great endeavor and we want you to know that we will offer lots of love and affection if you choose us.  We promise to tell this child that he or she is a very special gift from a loving mother.  We both have the same goal and that is the health and happiness of our child.  We hope to share this adoption procedure with you with the anticipation that we may establish a connection of love for this child.