Adams Family Waiting Story

"When you ask you must believe and not doubt" James 1:6. We have asked God to bless us with a child and we believe without doubt that this blessing will come through adoption. We are thrilled and humbled that you are taking the time to get to know us and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time in learning of our adoption story. We are Casey and Cody and are entering into this next step in the journey of our life with so much hope and joy. We are extremely fortunate to live in the beautiful state of Colorado on our family owned ranch. We share our home with our beloved dogs, Sis and Milo; we also have many horses and cattle on the ranch.

We are 33 and 31 years old and have been married for 7 years. We met through mutual friends 8 years ago and have never looked back. Casey is a rancher and a cattle buyer with a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Business. I am an emergency room nurse with a Bachelors of Nursing. We are fortunate enough to have flexible schedules and family close by that will be able to assist with child care when we are at work. We love to travel but it is unusual for us to ever be apart and always enjoy having evenings together and eating a family dinner. We both compete at professional rodeos throughout the country. Horses are a huge part of our lives and we enjoy raising, training, and competing with them.

We entered into our marriage with the knowledge that, due to an accident when Cody was 16, bearing children would be impossible. We have put the matter into God's hands and have faith that everything happens for a reason. We know without doubt that we are ready to fully commit ourselves to a child and look forward to doing this through adoption. We are both Christians and have faith that our family will be complete when the timing is right.

While we could never understand the depth of emotions or the weight of the decisions that a birthmother experiences in considering an adoption plan, we have faith that these choices will be made from a place of love and are made by them to give their child the best life possible. We look forward to sharing our lives with a child and bringing them up in our western lifestyle. We love sharing in the lives of our nieces, nephews, and close friends' children. We want to extend that love to our future son or daughter and have opened our hearts fully to this being delivered to us through adoption. Thank you again for taking the time to read this letter. We are both very hopeful that we will get to meet our child's birth mother soon and begin to share in this journey with them.

Casey and Cody


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