If you do not own any photo editing software, here is an online tool to help you to resize and crop your images so they look great on AdoptionBridge:

Online Photo Cropper


Resize and crop to an aspect ratio of: 16:9 = 750px X 422px

  1. Make sure your original image is larger than 750px X 422px
  2. Navigate to the Online Photo Cropper page
  3. Click the "From disk" button and upload your image
  4. Click the "Resize" icon once upload is complete
  5. Resize by width - Type in a width of 750, as long as the calculated height is greater than 422 you are golden, click "Apply"
  6. If step 5 didn't work out, resize by height - Type in a height of 422, as long as the calculated width is greater than 750 you are golden, click "Apply"
  7. Click the "Crop" icon, then scroll to the right and select 16:9
  8. Click the "Apply" button
  9. Click the "Save"
  10. Click the "Download" button

That's It - Pretty Easy

Now you are ready to upload your 16:9 (750px  X 422px) image to AdoptionBridge!

Stitching a Collage

You can also upload a single 16:9 image, made from several photos in the form of a collage. Do this:

  1. Open Microsoft Publisher (or another editing program)
  2. Import the photos you want, and put them in the collage next to each other
  3. Highlight all photos with the cursor
  4. Right-click, and select "save -as picture"
  5. Give the picture a name
  6. Upload that photo