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Hello! We are a family of 5 living in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Hannah and Joe are highschool sweethearts that married at the age of 21 and soon thereafter adopted Annalise as an infant in Florida.  Joe joined the Army, and then we moved to Texas. In Texas, we became foster parents and fostered Norah and Caleb who at the time were 1 and 2 years old. We adopted them a year later. Since then we have had the opportunity to live in several different states as Joe has progressed in his career. We love that we are a multiracial family, and are praying for you as you sort through what is best for your baby.


“I am looking forward to blending our family with yours. We are grateful that you are considering entrusting us with the care and development of your child.”

- Joe (Husband/Dad)


“Being a wife and a parent is my greatest joy. I look forward to providing a safe and loving home to your baby and can't wait to hold her or him. I will forever be grateful to you for giving this child life and choosing us as family. God bless you.”

- Hannah (Wife/Mom)


"I can't wait to go to the trampoline parks with my new sibling. I want to buy her a Bugatti. We are going to put sunglasses on and ride with the music on. I want to go to the beach with her and teach her basketball and soccer and take her to the gym. I want to take her to Hawaii so she can see all the beautiful fish in the clear water."

- Annalise (Daughter, 14)


"I want to go to the Usher concert with my new sibling when she grows up. I want to be the one to push the stroller. I also want to teach her how to dance. I will help her with homework when I am in college. I want to buy her a Mercedes. I want to take her to NYC and LA."

- Norah (Daughter, 13)


"I want to teach him to bike, scooter, skateboard, and snowboard. I'll share my books with him. We can play outside together, and I will introduce him to my friends. He could sleep in my room."

- Caleb (Son, 11)

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