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On May 24th we were matched with our sweet boy! He is 5 years old and is ready to come home to his forever family and home.

His room is ready, his bed is ready and his new stuffed animals are ready for him.

Help us bring our boy home to his mommy and daddy and brothers and sisters who want to hug him, play with him and sing him to sleep at night.

  1. We were shown a profile today and are praying about it all this week. We are so close to being matched! I just saw all the sweet kind words and all the people that donated! thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
    L and B

Amy Clemons

You don't know me but I'm Jesi's aunt. I think this is awesome and I admire you guys for your love of family and people. Good luck and happiness to you all!! I can't wait to see your family grow!! Amy Clemons

Kelly Mask

Cheri Ooten

With much love!

Stephanie Miller

I'm praying for you!

Olivia Douglas

I love you guys with all of my heart and believe in you with all of my being. Can't wait for this new chapter and this boy! 💕🙌🏻

Andrea Mathews

Amy Korte

Love you guys!!

Beth Laney

We love you guys!

LeeAnna Perry

Love you guys!

Jody Maynard

I love you guys!!


Love you guys!

Jason Criswell

Booyah! Don't spend it all in one place... actually you can, just not on scotch and cigars. Love you guys.

Kristen Mckain

Prayers <3

Tina Ingold

Love your sweet family and excited for this next chapter of life! You will definitely be blessed because of your obedience to God's calling to adopt!

Janeen Plantz

Such a loving giving family you are! I'm honored to contribute in helping bring your baby boy home to join your amazing family. Love you all. 😘🙏🏻

Kimberly Kocak

Love you guys! I can't wait to meet my new grandson!!!

Ismaele Tilenni

God Bless you! :-)

Sherah Spotswood

Teresa Carter

Congrats and many many blessings!!!

David Hoffman

Karen and I stand in faith with you both that this will be a quick process for you.

Ashley Neighbors

Praying for baby Stasi #6 and the whole family! We love you guys ❤️

Cory Morris

Thay and I are so honored to give and get to be apart of what God is doing in your lives. You two are so precious and such an inspiration to us. When I watch the video on fb immediately I started bawling and felt Gods love towards you guys and this beautiful baby boy. Thank you again for the opportunity to sow into this. So excited !!!!!!!!

Amandalee Ramey

Britt! Your family has always been close to my heart! You are all just amazingly wonderful people and all of your babies are so lucky to have you and your new little one will never have to question the love he will have. Good luck to you, Luke, and the tribe in this journey! Love you!

Nichole, Mark, Lily, Ella Ryder

We are so excited to meet our new nephew! Many prayers. 💗 love you guys

Meghan and Richard Hirth

Love y'all. We know your baby is going to be a world changer just like you!!

Geoffrey Vallance

Love you guys! Dream Big!

Shaun Anderson

I have seen the fruit and faithfulness of this family. Their love and obedience to Jesus is so contagious that I am fully confident that they will raise this child in all things God has for him/her. Bless you guys! Thank you for all that you are doing. (:

Cole Mackie


Gretchen Haselden

So excited to see this happening!

Sarah Muha

Love you guys! I'm overjoyed to have watched your journey this far, and I can't wait to see what else God has in store for your family. You guys are a force and there is so much love that each of you have to give. It's an honor to give even a portion of the love you have poured into my life back to you!

Rob and Millie Radosti

Love you guys!

Rebekah Petrino

It was a pleasure doing a Norwex fundraiser for you guys!! Blessings, TJ & Rebekah Petrino