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We are Jon and Yesenia Neufeld and we are starting our journey of adopting embryos. We were diagnosed with infertility early in our marriage but we'd talked about adoption long before that. 

After our diagnosis, however, there seemed to be no open doors for us in that area. Eventually, we made the decision to move to the US to complete a domestic infant adoption. That door closed abruptly when we couldn't enter the US. So, we were back to square one. 

One thing we just could not forget about was embryo adoption**. We had considered it a few times but, after our last disheartening call with the fertility specialist, we decided this was the route we wanted to take. We've seen very clearly that God opens and closes doors as He sees fit and we want to surrender our will to fit His. However, this door to embryo adoption is the only one that seems to be staying open and so we are walking through it, by faith. 

One thing that requires a lot of faith is the financial aspect of adoption. Even though any price seems small in comparision to the blessing of children, that doesn't make it easy. We are going into this without a sure plan regarding funding. If you do feel led to help us financially, we would be forever grateful. And if you don't have the means to do that, we greatly covet your prayers. Not only that God would make a way for us to fund this venture, but that He would give us an abundance of wisdom as we venture into the new world of adoption. 

**For a more detailed explanation of embryo adoption, please visit https://nightlight.org/snowflakes-embryo-adoption-donation/embryo-donation/

A quick summary of the process is that couples that have completed IVF in the past, might have ended up with more embryos than they feel they can parent. Instead of giving these precious embryos up for science or destruction, these families are choosing life. This means, they are donating their embryos to people like us who would love to become parents. We take this responsibility seriously and will do our best to give these embryos a chance.


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