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You may or may not remember the story of two kidis from the orphanage connected to our ministry here in Honduras. Back in 2017, these two kiddos came to our orphanage after being abandoned by their parents. They were very timid, and kept to themselves. Our family started spending time with them late in 2017 to give them good family experiences and show them that they could trust people again.

We grew to love these two very quickly. At some point in 2018, David and I started talking about potentially adopting these two. That's when we learned that they were never registered in the system of persons, and therefore did not technically exist. There was no way to get their birth certificates without a family member. We were told these kids would forever be "lost" in the system because they could not get birth certificates. Without birth certificates, they couldn't be declared abandoned, which added to the impossibility of adoption.

Our family struggled with this news, but continued to love on these kiddos. We've had sleepovers, spent birthdays and holidays together, celebrated kindergarten graduations with them, and enjoyed weekly visits since then. Our kids have grown a great relationship with them through these times, and it has been amazing watching them grow in their trust of people. We have continued to pray for a miracle for these two over the years. That the Lord would work in only ways that He could, and that our hearts would remain open to loving these kids.

Fast forward to this past summer. Their miracle came! The kids received their birth certificates! This is a miracle in itself. Just two weeks later they were declared abandoned. This typically takes years to happen for kids here. This means these two kids that we have grown to love, and that fit so very well with our family are now ADOPTABLE!

Our hearts are bursting with excitement at this possibility!

The Lord seems to be flinging doors open in front of us. There is one catch though. Adoption is expensive, and this WAS NOT on our radar. We had given up on this possibility. The Lord is reminding us that He is still in the business of working miracles.

Would you consider being part of this journey and miracle that the Lord is working by giving financially to help offset the costs of international adoption?

  1. This process is moving very quickly. This is exciting! However, it means we are needing finances quickly as well. We are hoping to reach our $14,999 goal here on Adoption Bridge by the end of February. We are currently half way to our goal. We have seen the Lord provide and open so many doors to get us this far, and we know that He will do it again. Will you join us in bringing these two precious children into their forever family by helping us reach our goal?

Megan Devito

Wooo hooo for yoooou!! (And Grammy) <3

Jones Pinuela

Praying for you guys

Deb Bowman

Praying with you!

Terri Camp

Kirk Trammell

Praying for all of this process!

Gary Dilley

We're glad to support you in this important time! Love from Emmanuel Community Church

Kristen Miele

I’m thrilled. I love these two so much. And you four too. I cannot wait to see you as a fam of 6!!!!!

Anne Randall

Hello- We are friends of Natalia Suits and she shared your information. We are praying for you that you are able to adopt. God bless

Julie Gerber-Shriner

Praying for you guys-

Naomi McCants

Blessings to you as he grows your beautiful family! Love, The McCants

Ben Kreider

Love you all, your faith, and your faithfulness! May God's nearness, provision, and favor keep opening doors.

Rebekah Pirkle

Makes me so happy! Praying for you guys!

Lambert Family

We could not be more excited for your family! Love you guys and thankful for your hearts! Praying with you!!

Laura Laura

Dear David, Teresa, Levi and Zoey, I love how God has brought these two precious children into your family who need a forever home. I am praying that the heart of our Father for orphans will be revealed as He provides for every one of your needs in this adoption process. May He fling the doors open wide, grant you favor and provide for all the funds to be raised so that the adoption process will go through in a timely way. I am lifting you all up in prayer. May God be your peace and strength. Love, Laura


Rhiannon McKinney

We love you guys. Praying every day for this situation. Can’t wait to meet them! Hurry up and bring them here so we go out on the boat!

Tim & Patricia Roberts

Praying with you!

judith blumhofer

Brian Bartholme

Hope this helps.

Michael Amend

David and Teresa, YOU ROCK! We love you and are so happy you have decided to adopt _ _ _ _ _ o and _ _ _ _ _ _ a! Michael and Caron

Jackie White

Can't wait to add to more grandbabies to our family. ❤️

Raquel Jarabek

We are so excited to be part of your adoption journey.