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Even as a young child, I imagined myself caring for multiple children. By the time I was a young adult, I was the oldest of 6 kids - 2 biological and 3 adopted! My parents fostered for many years and I embraced it. When Nolan and I started dating we found that his parents had been fostering recently as well. They ended up adopting 2 of their foster kids. Nolan and I were meant to be together forever and we married in the same year that we first met. We had our first child naturally about 2 years into our marriage but the pregancy proved to be challenging on my body. We had always thought we would adopt if he had the opportunity to as it is something we both have unique experience with and so much passion for helping kids have all the love and success they deserve. We know there are always children needing a family and my pregancy experience was more motivation for us to be that waiting family. 

From there we decided to foster and see where it took us. We fostered several amazing children. We soon learned that God seemed to have something else in the works - something we could not have planned. While we were fostering, we were approached by a friend who asked if we would consider adopting her unborn baby. We committed to helping our friend no matter what and kept in mind that she could change her mind at any point. We paid for her care and took her to her prenatal visits and she even called us for a ride to the hospital when she went into labor! We never expected to be able to adopt in this way but in no time I was be her side coaching her through her delivery and holding our sweet beautiful girl! Nolan was in the waiting room the entire time SO ready to hold his new baby girl. Shortly after that we got to be part of helping our foster kids reconcile with their families and that is how we became a family of 4.

We have spent the last few years helping our children grow into such wonderful young souls. Now that our youngest is entering her school aged years we believe its a good time to open our family for adoption again. Our family motto has always been when God blesses you, don't build a higher fence - build a longer table. We have been incredibly blessed and know that its now time to expand our "table". We are ready to slow life down and spend our days (and nights!) nurturing and bonding with a sweet baby once again! We hope to be a family again for another child who need us. We are sharing our story here in hopes to connect with someone looking for a multi-racial family like ours with experienced parents and a waiting brother and sister. We hope you have all the support you and your baby needs and we are here if you happen to need us.

With love,

Nolan, Megan, Elias, and Aaliyah 


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