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Welcome to our family adoption fundraiser! We're excited to be on this journey to grow our family through embryo adoption.

I (Chrissy) found out about embryo adoption when I was a teenager, involved in my local "Teens for Life" Pro-life group. I remember being drawn to it and fascinated by the fact that I could be pregnant with an adopted child! Fast forward to 2017 when I met my wonderful husband, Ryan. We had the "how many kids do you want?" conversation, as all couples do during dating, and I remember mentioning embryo adoption. Ryan had never heard of it before, but loved the idea! We both wholeheartedly believe that life begins at conception - whether that's in the womb or in an IVF clinic - and that every human being has the right to life. 

We were married in 2018 and had a beautiful daughter in the middle of the 2020 COVID pandemic. We loved being parents and in 2022 we decided to try to continue to grow our little family. The LORD grew our family by three little souls who we never got to meet this side of heaven but lost in miscarriage. We don't understand fully why the LORD took our three sweet babies home, but we do know that it opened our hearts more than ever to the idea of adoption. After seeking wise counsel, researching, praying, and attending informational meetings, we felt sure that embryo adoption was the right choice for our family. We started our adoption journey with Nightlight Christian Adoptions in March of 2023, exactly one year to the day after our first miscarriage. <3

  1. December 2023: Our embryo adoption story is currently on hold, but for a very happy reason. Shortly after starting our home study process, the Lord gave us a surprise pregnancy. Against all odds, our son Tristan was born in November of this year, abundantly alive! Praise God! We hope to return to embryo adoption as soon as we can!

Lexi Greer

Praying for your family throughout this embryo adoption process!