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Kevin is a carpenter for a charity and Ann is a Speech Pathologist in the schools.  We have been happily married for almost 10 years.  We have diligently saved money to pursue our dreams.  We have bought a nice home in the woods and developed our land to pursue our joys such as gardening and raising chickens.  We also have trails that lead to quiet prayer spots.  Everything is wonderful, yet we long to share our blessings with a child. Through domestic adoption we are able to make this hope a reality.  We are planning on adopting a baby girl who will be born in Oklahoma in July of this year (2016).   In July we will fly out to get our daughter from the hospital where she will be born.  We will spend a couple weeks in Oklahoma for the legal work necessary to bring  baby Black home.  Any prayers and/or financial support would be greatly appreciated as our family will soon grow and we could use the support as we jump into all the changes.

Christ's Peace be with you.

Benjamin Clark

So happy for you two. Best of wishes!

Fung Yi Lai

Blessings from HK


So excited for you both!

Cynthia Teague

kay hornbrook


Praying for your family!

Edgar Hayden

Sally & Pete Fochtman

Blessings and prayers!


Carol Jackson

Waiting in excitement as you prepare to bring home your little girl! God's blessings that all go well!

Jeff French

Best blessings to you.

Mike and Judy Ferreter

We are so happy for you. You will be great loving parents. This little girl is so blessed and will fill your life with such joy.