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Hi, we are Josh and Amanda.

Josh and I both have wanted to adopt from an early age. We discovered this desire we shared one night during one of our long talks over pizza on my parent’s back porch. Josh and I have been married since 2014. We told our pastor about us wanting to adopt in a pre-marital counseling session. He said we should set a time to start the process and we did, we both agreed that 5 years was a good point. We both have a passion for children. We teach Sunday school at church together. We work with 4th and 5th graders and love the time we spend with our kiddos. We are also very close to our nephew who is ten years old and we watch him frequently.

We don’t have many friends but we have good friends. The friends we have we are very close to, they are very near and dear to us. They truly are the family we chose. We do have lots of family and they are ready to step up if we need help. My mom is so excited to be a grandma. We’ve always called her the crazy baby lady because she can find a baby to love on so quick it amazes me.

Everyone says that Josh and I were meant for each other. A lot of people have referred to Josh as the yin to my yang because we just even each other out. If one of us falls we pick them up. We have a very unique relationship. We put God first, each other second and ourselves last. If you asked me where my
child fits in to this I would say my child always holds a special place in my heart. Josh and I do not fight, that is not to say we don’t bump heads, we just know how to deal with each other without it escalating.

So many times we forget how blessed we truly are. We realize how blessed we are to be where we are in every aspect of our lives. Most important, we realize how blessed we are to have the people we have with us. Josh and I both are very family oriented, we love being surrounded with family and friends.

If you have any questions, please let Nightlight know and maybe we can get in touch.  Their phone number is (636) 797-4100 ext. 417.

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