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Adoption is something we talked about prior to getting married as a high value for our family, so when Katie was told she could not have biological children due to cancer in 2017, although that was incredibly heartbreaking, it did not change our desire for a family. It just put our hope of adoption into play faster than we originally thought.

As of August 21, We are now officially a MATCHED FAMILY going to pick up our baby girl in Kentucky!!!

The total cost of the adoption is $30,125. 

We are so excited to be on this journey and are so thankful for the support of family and friends like you! Through AdoptionBridge.org, we hope to alleviate some of the financial burden associated with the adoption process.   Thank you SO MUCH for considering giving toward bringing a future baby home! 

-Katie & Jason

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Ross O'Kelley

Excited for you guys! Adoption has had such a remarkable impact on our family, and we pray it does the same for you! -Ross and Sally

Susan Penson

I am so happy for you and Jason and can’t wait to meet the little one who enters your life. You will be wonderful parents and I know some people who are going to be over-the-top wonderful grandparents.

Susan Friemel

Good luck to you both. I know you'll be wonderful parents. As an adopted child myself, I thank you for making this choice.

Anna Whittemore

Cheers to starting your new family! - Anna Whittemore

Elizabeth Graham

You will make great parents! I’m so excited to see what God does through this little fam! 💕

Matthew & Amy Sutherland

Your new little baby will be so lucky to have you two for parents. All our love to you both on this amazing journey!

Paige Bennett

I am so so excited for you guys to grow your family through adoption!! I wish I could give you all $30,000, but I will praying for God's provision financially and for future baby Aist!

Erin OBrien

JaLynn and I are glad to be a small part of the process.

Barbara McDaniel

Your story is inspiring.

Christina Finley

I am so very excited for your new bundle of joy!! May God continue to bless you and your growing family. Here I am. Send me. Isaiah 6:8. With all my love, Christina Finley

Daniel Bizzell

Love you both; some lucky kid is going to have a great mom and dad.


Kathy Coady

Thank you for including us with the news and the opportunity to help with the adoption costs! Blessings and prayers from the Coadys in Taylorville ❤️

Mike and Mary Ellen

Dear Katie and Jason, What an exciting time this is for you! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Mike and Mary Ellen

Kristin Gummelt

David Bui

You would make wonderful parents.

Anne Keopaseut

Katie, So happy for you and your family! You will make a wonderful mom to your little girl. Thank you for sharing your journey. ❤️ Anne

Barbara Culwell

Warren and I are so thrilled for you both!! Praying for you in these days ahead! What a precious gift from the Lord! Can’t wait to meet her!!!

Morgan Luther

Congrats Katie and Jason!! So happy for y’all! Katie thanks for being such an amazing role model for me in college and bringing me closer to Jesus! You will be a great mother!

Elisabeth Badenhop


Shinya Fukuda

Congratulations for the match, Jason & Katie!

Heather Oglesby

Yay! Praying for all 3 of you and her birth family. For comfort and peace and deeper knowledge of Jesus for all!

Carrie Fuller

I am so excited for you guys!!!! Can’t wait to meet sweet baby girl!!

Dawn Harter

Brittany Pepper

You two are going to be wonderful parents, your family is growing and this little girl is going to have so much love around her. From you, from your families, from your friends. She's going to grow up with well and loved, and that's the best someone can give to a child. One of my close friends was adopted out of Louisville, Kentucky and she's a handful. I'd imagine you can expect the same :)

Ryan McDaniel

We’re so excited for your new family and can’t wait to walk through this journey with you!

Emily Clay

Shelley Weldon

So excited and happy for you guys!

Sondra Appel

Katie, We are thrilled with your good news that I just read on FB. We know your parents when we did life in Beijing together. Many blessings to you and your sweet family! Love, Sondra and Pat Appel

Tracie McGinniss

SO excited for you!

Jo Ann Beken

Congratulations on becoming parents of your sweet baby girl! God is so good!💜

Kelly Yancey


Laurel Sitton

I’m so happy for your family! Wishing you guys so much happiness and peace.

Bekah Yawn

We are so excited for you and love you so much!!! Take care of your sweet baby girl and raise her up in the Lord!


Jordan Mason

Great news about your baby girl! Continue to trust that god will provide the money you need!

Alysia Friday

OMG, I'm so excited for you.

Dariela Fuentes

Congrats on expanding your family!!

Rachel Garton

Jenny Holberg

Could not be more happy and thankful with y'all!! XOXO, the Holbergs

Richard and Michelle Ham

So very excited for you! Adoption is a wonderful blessing and we are so thankful that you will be able to enjoy this beautiful thing, too.

Kalie Kalt

I am so beyond happy for you guys! What blessings await for you and this sweet girl 💕💕💕

Ashley Duff

Aaron and Megan Fenderson

GO GET HER!!!!!!! EEEEKKKKK!!!!! Major celebrating happening in Stillwater!

Pidge Yeager

Thrilled for y’all!

Michi Ishimura

So excited for you and baby girl!

Abby Walker

So excited for you guys! Praying the Lord's blessing over this transition.

Christopher Cockrell

So happy for you both and we wish you all the best!

Winona Phillips

So happy for you!

Barrett & Jennifer Fischer

So excited for you guys. Y’all will be great parents!!

Jon & Marisa Foltz

We love y'all and are SO excited for you and to meet your sweet little gift!!!!!

Chris Newport

Soooooooo excited for you guys! thanks for letting us be a part!

Jeani Guest

Praying for a safe journey to your forever home for that sweet girl. Adoption saves lives - it did mine.

Rylee Grover


Andrew Fowler

Donnie & Mary Freeman

So happy for you two. You will be wonderful parents.

Kristi Vargas

We are over the moon excited for y’all.

Tim and Mandy Casteel

We are so excited for y’all!!

Loren Lewis

Praying for your sweet family!

Christine Hunt

So wonderful. So exciting!!! We are rejoicing with you.

Christina Geurin

Praying for you as you embark on this new adventure, God is always good!!!!!

Katherine McKeehan

Congratulations on your little blessing!

Jennifer Mathews

Sooooo excited for you!!!

Gary Runn

We are so excited for you guys-thanks for letting us play a small part and share your joy!

Julie Chapa

Best wishes!

Priscilla Owens

It has been such a joy to share in this blessing with you. Blessings to you and your family.

Mike and Stacy Westover

Blessed to hear your news and see your faith-filled hearts!

Stephanie Porter

Celebrating and praising God for His provision with you! That baby girl is so lucky to have you all as her parents!

Caitlin Bagnall

So happy for ya'll! Have loved keeping up with your updates and hearing your inspiring story. Congratulations on your precious gift from God!!!

Claire McKinney

greg & charmaine lillestrand

We area so excited for you both! Adoption is a really special journey.


Mike and Heather Beckham

Such exciting news! We have been following your journey and are thrilled for you guys! Praying blessings over your new family of 3!

Lauren Malu

We are so so excited for y’all! Praising Jesus for his perfect provision and we can’t wait to meet her!

Clare Robinson

Sending lots of love your way, KTT! Xoxo

Drew McElroy

Marc and Shannon Compere

So excited for y'all! This sweet little girl is such a blessing!

Candacd Taylor

So excited for you guys. God will bless you for your faithfulness to this child whom He loves.

Susan Reeves

Excited for y’all!! Praying for a smooth transition! I still remember our excitement and anticipation in meeting our girls for the first time!

Katy Dunst

So excited for you guys! Praise God for his perfect plan for your family!

Grace Zalesak

I am so incredibly excited for y’all! I’ve been praying for y’all through this whole journey, and I will continue to pray for you, your new BABY GIRL (!!!!!), and her birth family too!


You will be amazing parents!!!

Ruthie Hart

Congratulations Aist family! Cannot wait to walk through this journey of adoption with you!

Sarah Strand

Super excited for you all!!! Can’t wait to meet your little treasure!!

David Ethington

Hi Katie and Jason, We are so excited for you! May the Lord bless you and your growing family! Love, Dave and Tammy

Jakki Wesson

I don't know you but I have known Courtney forever. My husband and I have also adpoted our daughter so we know the expenses that come with it. Congratulations on the match!

Donald and Donna Sims

So happy for y’all!

Kelley Morrison Jennings

Katie, We've never met but I feel like I know you through Shannon, FB and of course, LuLaRoe! I'm so happy for you I can barely stand it! I can't wait to see the new Aist!! Congratulations and God Bless! Kelley

DE & Mindi Adams

So overjoyed for you and for this precious child!

Taliah and Theo Christian

We are so excited for you two! We will continue to pray for this wonderful journey! Sending so much love.

Laura Rodriguez

Welcome, Baby Rosie! Thrilled for your family on this beautiful journey! Laura & Stephen Rodriguez (Fletcher & Violet)

Melina Gonzalez

cathryn stewart

SOOO excited and happy for you two! Congratulations on becoming parents! Sending love and prayers!

Sheila Campbell

Katie- so happy for you and your husband! I know you will be an awesome mom 💕

Kelly Carver (Farris)

Katie, I saw your story shared through Kristi’s page - so happy to hear that your dreams of parenthood are coming true!! Best wishes for a wonderful with your husband and new daughter.

Sarah Burke

So super excited for you to become a family with your sweet baby girl. We are thrilled for you guys and will be praying for you all!

Lori Jones

Mike Aist

Katherine Scofield


Angela and Tyler McMahan

We are so excited for y'all! Y'all will be the best parents and that sweet baby is so blessed to have you two! We love y'all and praying for your growing family!

Nicholas Leschke

We are so happy for the three of you and can’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy! The Leschkes

Brandon and Jordan Aist

We love y'all! We're so excited for you!

Sam Fung

Congratulations to you two! You two are gonna be AWESOME parents to Rosie!


Jessica Allen

God is so good. What a blessing sweet Rosie is... and what a gift you are to her! Congratulations and welcome to the most amazing ride of your life! Love, Jessica, Jack, LJ, Grace, Jackson, and Elisha Allen

Jane Humphrey

God is so Great! He gives us more than we can think or imagine. You have been a joy to be with in class at BSF. We are happy to be on this journey with you. Please keep our family in your prayers as we keep you in ours. Love, Jane, Michael, Abby and Josh Humphrey

Jordan and Mandy Eoff

Adoption changes everything. So excited for y’all. Love y’all and can’t wait to see God continue to work on and through your family. Grace and peace to you, Big Daddy J and Momma K.

Lauren Campbell


Cynthia Davis

I am so excited for you all. Enjoy your precious baby girl...

Michael & Bethany Allen

Love you guys so much & cant wait to see the you guys as parents! Rosie has no idea how loved she is!

Beth Carroll

Jeremy & Meredith McNeese

So excited for y’all

Craig & Elizabeth Swartz

So happy for you! Rosie's birthday is the same as Alex's :). XXOO

Ali Enos

So excited for y'all! That baby girl is so blessed to have y'all as parents! Thanks for letting me be a part of your blessing.

Kristie McFarling

Sending joy

Nancy Cooper

We are so happy for your family and so excited for this answer to prayer. Sleep and eat when you can. Love, Nancy and Randy Cooper

James Cooke

So excited for you guys! Love, James & Kendra

Caroline Nogier

We are so happy Rosie has finally arrived home! We look forward to meeting her!

jamie Stevens

So happy for you both and praising God with you from Norman :)

Ken & Karla Mull

It's good to be a family. Thanks for allowing us to participate.