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Adoption has always been a part of our story. From Jesse’s two adopted siblings to the desire planted deep in my heart even at a young age, we always knew adoption would be a part of our journey together. And from our first date to now 6 years into marriage it had never been a question of “what if?” but rather, “so… when?” But God is so gracious and kind in our process! 

Looking back over the last few years I have seen him gently lead us to where we are today. Little surrendered yesses over time have shown me that following Jesus’ call on my life is certainly not easy but incredibly abundant!

I know this will be hard. There is a solemn reality that this story has already started because of something broken. But I know God has a plan for that child. For that mother. For us. Right now he is just asking us to move forward in faith. To do our part (you know… the paperwork, funding, prayer) and to sit back and let him work out the rest. Because he writes the best stories! 

He is doing a new thing! In me, around me, then and now and in the things to come. How amazing that we all get to be a part of it together!


Pray with us as we continue through this process. And patience most of all as we wait. That we would trust in the Lord’s perfect timing and placement for his child. 

- Carissa + Jesse

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’ ” Matthew 9:14

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