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July 2013 Anthony traveled on a mission trip with our church along with 410 Bridge to Kenya, Africa.  There he met the most incredible people that had such joy and love for God and others.  The children there were as happy as can be.  One particular little boy had a special bond with Anthony.  It was as if God had woven their hearts together prior to them ever meeting.  We heard that on a mission trip you think you are going to help or change the people in that country but really they end up changing you and that was so true.  That experience opened his eyes to the world beyond our little bubble and after that every scripture seemed to scream go and be a family for an orphan.  When Anthony returned he told me how he thought adoption was our next step.  I was a little more on the fence.  I mean we were content with just the three of us.  Our daughter was old enough now she could do a lot of things for herself.  Did I really want to start all over again?  And then in my quiet time with the Lord I was reading about Peter walking on water with Jesus.  Peter had to step out of the boat to experience the miracle; if he had not moved then he would have never had that blessing.  So the question the Lord had for me was, “Are you not willing to do the work to receive the blessing that this child will be?”.  That did it for me, after that day I was completely on board.  One other thing was the Lord would have to change our daughter’s heart.  She had been completely fine with being the only child.  The moment we told her about us adopting she was thrilled and has prayed for her brother.  We prayed for a year and a half about the adoption, for son’s protection, and that the Lord prepare our hearts to help him heal when he comes home.  Then last October God stirred in our hearts to begin praying about where in Africa our son is and what agency to use.  God has moved way faster than we ever imagined since then and we give God all the glory for bringing us here.  Adoption is not a second choice for us.  God asked us to do this and that’s what we are doing.  (“…Because you say so I will…” Luke 5:5) We know God will provide and we will work with our all our hardest to bring our son home.

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