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It feels only right to start this by sharing how much we’re praying over you, your heart, your health, and your future baby boy or girl. We don’t want to assume what you’re feeling reading this, but we are certainly aware that you’re in the middle of making some extremely tough decisions. Thank you for pressing on in this difficult season, and as you’re weighing what options you think are best for you and your child, we’re grateful that you're taking the time to read this and hear about our family. We appreciate the time, courage and reflection it must take for you to choose a family, and we will continue to pray for peace and discernment.

To understand a bit about us as a family, we would use the words faith-centered, adventurous, and passionate about other cultures. If you threw in a couple extra words they would be loud and silly, but that mostly describes our boys Anders (4 yrs) and Eli (1.5 yrs). Our two boys bring so much joy (see attached pictures of dimply Eli and goofy Anders) and so we’ve decided to pursue adoption to continue growing our family. Really since we started a serious relationship in 2013, we’ve talked about building our family through adoption, so we’re beyond excited to have reached the point that we are writing you this letter. 

We are currently based in Minnesota, near the cities where we grew up and our extended families still live. Family is important to us and an aspect we missed when we lived on the East Coast and London.  Because of our experiences traveling and living overseas, we, as a family, highly value expanding our horizons and perspectives cross-culturally. While we are open to the possibility of going abroad in the future, it more likely means that staying stateside we will expose our kids to many different cultures through volunteering with immigrants/refugees, traveling, as well as putting our children in our local Spanish immersion school. 

It is hard to write this without knowing you yet, but we’re happy to connect if you think we’d be a good fit for your child or have any questions. We’re excited to walk this journey with you, and our family promises to love your child and can’t wait to meet him or her.  

Sending hugs, 

David, Lindsay, Anders, & Eli (and Willow, our 6 year old Boxer)

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