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Our Story

As many of you know, Hannah and I have been married for almost 7 years now.  From a past diagnosis of mine, we knew going into our marriage that concieving children the natural way would be a challenge.  We decided we would just figure that out on the way and just focus on our marriage. It didn't take long for us to realize how much we wanted children in our lives and struggled through accepting our current situation and also figuring out how we could make our dream a reality.  We talked, fought, and prayed for years not only seeking an answer we were comfortable with, but that we felt God was orchestrating, not us. 

Tests confirmed that having children the natural way was pretty much impossible. We had to mourn the "loss" of that.  Adoption of a child that needed a family was on our radar for a while.  We were open to that, but Hannah admitted that she really wanted to experience pregnancy and giving birth and in our case, she is able to do that physically.  This is when the idea of embryo adoption really took hold on our hearts. We had known a family who had went through this process. As we prayed about it, we came to the realization that there were concieved lives out there, litereally frozen in time just waiting for the chance at life.  There were families out there who were looking for the right couple to give their embryos to so that they could give them a life.  Through prayer and reflection, we decided this was the path for us!

Now, over a year later, we have come close to the end of the process.  The journey so far had went amazing!  We have completed all the education, the evaluations, and have even potentially been matched with a family!  Financially we have paid for everything so far ourselves.  As we apporach the last few stages of the process much more quickly, we have realized we are not able to save the money as quickly as we need it to pay for the the legal contract phase of adopting the embryos and to do all the clinic procedures.  We have changed our budget and are still saving ourselves, but were advisted by the agency to do some fundraising to help complete our journey.  This is were AdoptionBridge comes in.

AdoptionBridge gives us the opportunity to raise up to 1/3 of the total cost of our adoption journey to assit us financially. This is possible by allowing us to have this page that gives donors an easy way to see our story and donate if they want to!  We would definately appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we continue through this process and if you feel moved to make a donation, big or small, we of course would appreciate that as well!

Thank you all,

Adam and Hannah

  1. Today we go back to Clive. While at the first appointment they found a small polyp during the ultrasound. This is not uncommon, but they wanted it removed before doing an embryo transfer. Today Hannah has the surgury to remove that. It is a simple procedure but Hannah does need to be put under. Please pray for a flawless surgury. We are tentitively set to do a transfer in July as the adoption has been finalized and the embryos are now at the clinic! We again thank you all for your love and support and will keep you all updated.


    Adam and Hannah

  2. Hannah and I are so grateful for the response we've had so far with prayer, encouraging words and your monetary donations. This whole thing had always been difficult to talk about, and it is such a relief to finally have a path laid out and be able to openly talk about it with all of you guys and gals! Hannah's appointment is less than 2 weeks away. We will keep everyone updated. We can't say thank you enough!

    Adam and Hannah

Kathryn Henderson

I'm the godmother!!!!!

Matt and Deb Schultz

Very exciting adventure. Love you.

Debra Toenges

Just call me Grandma Deb!! Can’t wait!


Susan King

We love you and will pray for your adoption!


Lori Frost

I am so very happy and excited for both of you! Looking forward to being a great-aunt again!!

Sherry Hornung

You guys will be great parents!

Kasey Buchholz

Your child will be blessed to have you as parents.

Mark & Nancy Zimmer

God will make a way. :-)

Michelle Stroh

Pete and I are so very happy for you! You will be amazing parents! Excited to be a great-aunt again!

Kim Fischels

We are all so happy for you~ you're going to be awesome parents! The Fischels Family

Diane Condron

Dearest Adam and Hannah, Thank you for sharing your story and sharing your hearts with us. We are "all for" adoption, in all the various forms it takes today. We know you will be truly excellent parents. Much love and blessings to you and your children. Please pass hugs onto Deb and Jerry for us! Diane and David Condron

Donald Ross

Adam & Hannah, Happy for you two and thanks for including us in this wonderful journey... Blessed to be a part of the love/fun and memories...Ross family and Jim ward


Praying for you.

Lori Ganske

Best wishes on your adoption! You will be great parents!

Jim and Christy Diemer

May you draw nearer to God and each other on this journey to parenthood.

Priscilla Cordero

Praying for God to bless you in an unexpected and wonderful way! Love, Keith, Priscilla, Alex, Daniela, Manny