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Domestic Adoption

Hello, We are so grateful to have the chance to show our family to you as a potential foreverhome for your baby. We've written and re-written this letter 1,000 times in our heads trying to find the right words. We want to start by saying thank you for taking the time to read through this and learn about our family. We have spent time preparing some pictures and other things to help you get to know about our family, our home, and our lives. However, I think that sometimes pictures cant do justice to what we would have to offer you and your babe, we wish you could see into our hearts. We really put a premium on being honest and open with each other and our daughters. We want to extend that openness to you and the relationship we would share as adoptive parents. The house can get messy, sometimes things aren't perfect, but you'll never find a more loving and supportive family to be a part of in this life. We imagine it has taken an immense amount of courage to get to where you stand today. You will always be the first mother your baby knows, and we will always respect this truth. We want you to feel seen and understood to the extent you wish to share with us, should you choose us to raise your child. We have faith that our journey will unfold just as it should, wheter or not our paths ultimately cross, thank you so much for giving us your valued time and consideration. Will and Danielle

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