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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birth Parent,

We are William and Leslie, we want to above all else thank you for looking at our profile. We understand what a difficult decision you are being asked to make. While we haven't, and will never experience the feelings of a birth parent, we have been faced in our lives with some "tough calls". When faced with these "tough calls" we find comfort in this quote, “when faced with a difficult decision, choose the path that feeds your soul.” We hope that you may find comfort in this too.

We met post college, after completing degrees in Child Development & Education and Marketing. We immediately felt a connection to one another, and were married in 2008. We have grown in each others love everyday since. While our infertility struggle was a long, emotional and physical challenge, it built a marriage that we feel can withstand anything. We were blessed with a son, Lincoln, in 2017; when his birth parents entrusted us with his love. Lincoln is a caring, curious, and active toddler who has a great sense of humor. He loves babies, and will be an exceptional big brother!

Both of us had a wonderful upbringing in a rural community, and chose to build our family in a similar environment. We live in a small town, where we own the local grocery store. Our home is located on a street with no outlet, across from a local park. It is an amazing outdoor space in addition to our fenced in back yard. We purchased our 4 bedroom home, in hopes of one day raising children here. We all love animals, we have 2 small dogs (Cassie & Critter) and 1 cat (Sylvester). We enjoy many adventures as a family; such as hiking, day trips (the zoo is one of our favorites) and festivals that we can find within driving distance that spark Lincoln's interests. This year he was really into airplanes, so we set our eyes on anything with wings!

We are part of a strong and supportive Christian family. Combined we have 3 siblings and are Aunt and Uncle to 6 nieces and nephews. All of whom, along with our parents adore Lincoln and are extremely excited to be potentially adding another member to the family through adoption. Love, after all is what makes a family! We attend and serve on committees at our local Methodist Church. Our church family is also very supportive and encouraging of our decision to grow our family through a second adoption.

When Lincoln was born Leslie was able to go part time at work, as an elementary school teacher. Being a self employed business owner and co-teaching has allowed extra time to spend as a family, that we always dreamed about. Lincoln (and any future siblings) attend a local, very personalized daycare on the days Leslie works.

We are hopeful that you will find a great match for your image of an adoptive family. We've got LOTS of love to give to both children and their birth families, who may see us as that image. May the decision you make, rest well in your heart.

~William & Leslie