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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother, Are you interested in learning more about a couple who watches silly British sitcoms and make up "cheesy" songs to sing to their dogs? If you are shaking your head with excited approval, then you are going to enjoy reading about us. We tend to laugh easily at ourselves, see the bright side of every situation, and believe there's a reason for everything. Having found out we can't achieve our dream of becoming parents on our own; we happily move towards an extraordinary way to grow our family, through adoption. As you find yourself at a crossroads as well, we pray that happiness and peace follow you down the path you choose. Now, more about us! We married in 2005 after dating for three years. Will is a doctor and, with nights and weekends off, enjoys woodworking, boating and playing ball with our two standard poodles. I am a realtor, pet photographer, and author but dream of staying home with our baby and will do so full-time until our child reaches school age. I love running and am always eager to sign up for a race that raises money for our local animal shelters, military families and first responders. We have an inviting, two-story home with four bedrooms, large playroom upstairs and a fenced yard that leads to a peaceful pond that's great for fishing. Sweet neighbors with young children surround us, and our fun neighborhood has a private playground, oversized swimming pool, kids festivals and holiday parades. Our community is perfect for active families with bike paths leading to parks, playgrounds and soccer fields. We are twenty miles to the closest beach and ten miles from our historic downtown where we enjoy jogging, going for walks and reading in the park. We are members of a beautiful, friendly church and are very close to our families. While everyone is excited to spoil another child, Will's mom is filling our house with toys and mine is starting a college fund! Together, we will provide our child with an excellent education, learn about other cultures while traveling the world, give hugs, and say, "I love you" every day. Most importantly, we will stand back and watch God shape them into the person they are supposed to be. If you select us as parents, we hope you will consider having an open relationship, especially after birth. We would look forward to visits, calls, letters and sharing photos; however, we will be happy with the type of relationship you are most comfortable with and eager to go on this journey with you. With respect and appreciation, Will & Nikki Our profile book: