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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,

              First of all, my husband and I would like to say that we appreciate and respect the many decisions you are facing during this trying time. We want to thank you for allowing us to be an advocate for the choice of adoption. Our names are Vinny and Katelyn. We have been together for almost 20 years (dating 6 years, engaged for 2 years and married for almost 12 years). We have three biological children: Sophia, Gemma and Vinny Jr. We enjoy family time such as playing board games, hosting BBQ’s by the pool, going to the beach, travelling and horseback riding.  We also enjoy playing sports together such as soccer, softball and baseball. We are very blessed to have a large family and close nit friends that support us not just in our hopes to adopt but also in our daily lives.

              Our hopes to adopt stem from a calling we believe the Lord put on our lives five years ago to grow our family through the avenue of adoption. Needless to say, we did not rush into this calling. We spent the next several years praying and evaluating our lives to ensure that our family was up to the task of adoption. After much prayer and thought, we were ready to open our hearts and minds to an addition to our family through adoption.  Through our adoption journey we have discovered that we are willing to have an open adoption with you, but we respect the decision that an open adoption may not be part of your journey as well. We want to thank you again for considering adoption and possibly our family as a choice for your little one’s future.

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