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Dearest Birth Mother,

Both you and your baby are precious and valuable and irreplaceable treasures. You are loved. You are beautiful. Thank you for your courage in reviewing our profile. We cannot begin to imagine the emotions that you are facing in considering adoption for your child. We deeply admire your strength. Your consideration adoption is a selfless gift of love for your child and for the family you choose. You are a hero in our hearts!

Our names are Wayne and Danielle, and we have been married for 12 years. We met in Connecticut in 2006 while Danielle was in graduate school. We have savored ever day together since our first date over chicken parmigiana and crème Brule. After one year, Wayne proposed while surrounded by thousands of while Christmas lights; and we were married in 2007. We moved to North Carolina in 2009, now our home for over 10 years, Our church, family, and animals are the most important things to us. We deeply believe in the grace and mercy of Christianity. Wisely sung, Love is our religion. We love each other more every day. Life's challenges have strengthened us as a couple. We cannot wait to share our lives with a child.

We have attended a non-denominational Christian Church since it began in a school auditorium, and have loved helping it grow and flourish. Danielle helps in the children's ministry, and Wayne was honored to help remodeling once the church purchased a building.

We love spending time with our family! Every year we take a family vacation to Maine to eat lobster, watch fireworks, and boat around the coast. Thanksgiving is at our house, where we get to bring both sides of the family together. For Christmas, we travel to Chicago to see Danielle's grandmother. We surround each other with quality time, words of affirmation, hugs, gifts, and acts of service.

For fun, we like to go out to eat, watch movies, play cards, kaya, go to shows/concerts, and travel. We are very blessed to live on a lake, that allows us to kayak from our backyard. Our neighborhood also has an amazing pool and playground where we hope to laugh and make memories. We love taking day trips to the beach even in winter.

We trust that you will make the best loving choice for your baby and yourself. We pray that if you choose adoption, that you find peace and comfort in your decision. Our hearts are wide open to connect with you.

Blessing and strength to you,

Wayne and Danielle


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