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Domestic Adoption


Life has put us in very different situations, and yet in some ways our situations are very similar. We both find ourselves in a situation that we wish we could change. You have an unplanned pregnancy, yet love the child that you will give birth to. I cannot bear a child, but would love and cherish a baby now and as the child grows. My husband and I have longed for a child for almost five years. But I had two miscarriages, and the doctors cannot give me any reason for it or any treatments that will help me carry a child to term. The first miscarriage happened in week sixteen when I was pregnant with twins, and the 2nd time was a year later in week twelve. Like you, I value unborn life and do not feel that it is right to keep trying to give birth to a baby while risking another miscarriage. My husband also cares about my health and that of the unborn child. Besides, our goal is to be parents, and through adoption we can love and cherish a child.

Just to let you know a little about us--we live in a lovely home with four bedrooms in Central California. We have a big backyard, with different fruit trees (like peach, pomegranate, plum). There is a park within walking distance of our home, ocean and mountains are two hours away. My husband has a management job and supervises engineers. I am an operation analyst for a company here in the Central California, and also have my own photography business. I enjoy my job, but I would really like to be home with a child. If we are blessed with a child, I plan to stay home full-time. Both my husband and I love hiking and camping, and we have a lot of outdoor activities within a two-hour drive from our home. During the year we enjoy bike riding, hiking, backpacking and long walks and talks together. We do a camping trip at least once a year and enjoy the outdoors by a lake or river. We also love to socialize with our friends. Many of our friends have small children. Vandad and I both enjoy playing with them, entertaining them and teaching them new skills like playing soccer or basketball. Our lives are very full. There is only one thing missing—a child.

We would love to meet with you, if that is what you desire. Or if you are more comfortable, we could exchange information over the telephone or through letters and pictures. If you select us as parents, we would be happy to send you pictures and letters to let you know what the child is doing at each age. We would even consider a more open relationship if you are comfortable with that. Of course, we also want to respect your privacy and the life ahead of you. We wish you the best, whatever you decide. I know it is a difficult time in your life. We do care and are willing to help.

With Love,

Mitra and Vandad

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