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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,

Allow us to start out by acknowledging how difficult, emotional, and heartbreaking this decision must be for you. Try as we might, its impossible for us to imagine what you must be going through, how you're feeling, or what you're thinking.

We do hope that regardless of the outcome, you find peace of mind for yourself and your baby.  There is no greater sacrifice than what you are considering today, and for that we cannot express our gratitude enough.

Tom and I have been together for just over 9 years, and have slowly built a stable successful marriage over the years. He works supporting 911 call centers, and I manage all of the animals at Petco. Animals are a big piece of our life. Our home is on a little piece of land in beautiful northern Colorado, where we enjoy gardening and spending time in our greenhouse. We've got a big family of animals that we love dearly. We have dogs and cats, chickens and ducks, turtles and more.

A few years ago, we decided to try and add children to our family. After a few months with no luck, we decided to go and see a fertility specialist. After a year of fertility treatment we realized we wanted to try a different way of making a family and came to the conclusion that adoption was right for us.

We are so missing someone to raise, and love, and share our lives with. As I come from a background with step siblings, and adopted relatives, we believe family is who you choose to commit your lives to.

There are two families who are very close to us, one of them being my sister-in-law, who has an infant aged child who we are very involved with. She and her son are here several times a week, they are a massive part of our family unit. The other family has 3 children, between 4 and 12, who we have helped raise over the years.

We hope that you consider us, as we have so much love to share. There aren't enough words to describe how meaningful this would be for us; to have a child to love and nurture, teach and foster, to help mold them into the wonderful person you know they can become.

You can view our photo book using this link: Tom and Melissa's Profile Book.

Regardless of what, or whom you choose, we thank you for taking the time for us, and we hope only the best for you.

Tom and Melissa

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