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Domestic Adoption

Hello there!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.  We want you to know above anything else, we admire your decision to choose life and your courage to consider an adoption plan.  We realize how difficult the road you are walking may feel, and we truly hope that whether you go forward with an adoption plan or choose to parent your child yourself, that you feel loved and supported.  Our hope is that the birthmother that chooses our family for her child will know that we want to be a source of strength and comfort for her.  We want to celebrate alongside you the LIFE that you are carrying inside you, as well as the courage that you carry.

To let you know a little about our family, we live in Central Texas and have been married for ten years.  We have two biological sons, Graham (age 7) and Griffin (age 2).  There is no greater joy in our lives than being parents.  We spend most of our time as a family playing outside, visiting grandparents, going to sporting events, and traveling when we can.  Todd's family has a ranch about thirty minutes away, so we spend a lot of time there with our boys.  Since we don't have pets at home, they love being around all of the livestock and animals at the farm.  We also enjoy camping, fishing, skipping rocks in the lake, checking the cows, shooting BB guns, and just letting them be wild little boys.

Our oldest son, Graham, is very involved in sports.  He plays Little League baseball, basketball, and football.  Todd coaches all of his sports and supports his passions and interests in every way he can.  So, we spend a lot of time cheering on big brother!  And while it is so fun to watch him play, we have found over the years that we have met some of our nearest and dearest friends on the sidelines.  That's been a sweet bonus perk to living in a tight-knit community.

We attend The First United Methodist Church of Waco and are very active in our church.  Todd has a passion for missions in Haiti and goes each summer to help build homes for those devastated by earthquake damage.  Erin often leads Bible studies and has a heart for mentoring and women's ministry.  We feel very blessed to belong to a church that encourages growth, for us and for our children.

As far as our families, Todd's family lives near us.  He has two older brothers, Heath and Chris, who are both married and between the two of them have five little girls.  We are in regular contact with Todd's parents as they serve as a huge source of support for our family.  They help us with the kids anytime we ask and rarely miss a game or special event.  Our kids adore their grandparents!

Erin's family lives in Sherman, which is about two hours away.   Her little brother, Colin, lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is married to his wife Mackenzie and together they have one little boy, Campbell, and a baby girl on the way.  Erin talks to her parents daily and we see them as often as the travel allows, which ends up being about once a month.  Both of our parents love our children dearly and are VERRRY excited about the arrival of their next grandchild through adoption.

We feel upheld by our families and church through this journey.  From the time we felt the Lord calling us down the path of adoption, our sweet family and church community have rallied around us.  And our prayer is that you feel supported as well.  If you choose to make an adoption plan, we would love to visit with you on the phone or in person, whatever you would be most comfortable with.  Todd and I look forward to being a part of your pregnancy journey as well as maintaining a relationship after your baby is born.

Take care, dear one.

Erin & Todd

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